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Unlike the doom 2 reviews section which has a ton more reviews, all the reviews for the doom maps are located on this page. they are listed by year with the newest reviews first.    Btw - I chose to leave the original format more or less intact, so as you get closer to the bottom, you will notice changes in the format - yes, I did this on purpose - for historical purposes if for no other reason. enjoy the maps! P.S. - if you see a generic doom pic, it means there are no screen shots for that map.



June 10, 2019
9 Level replacement for episode 3 of original DOOM

Adoom - episode 3 replacement for Doom
Click the pic!



September 24, 2017

Using my Tardis, we go back to 1994 to investigate StationX




Continuing my wish to highlight maps from the past, I present for your playing pleasure "Powerbase"

Click on the pic!



Eric reviewed a map Called Poison Hub which was released in January of this year.

While his review doesn't scream Cacoward, or anything. It looks like it's worth a play.

Click on the pic!



Well, we don't get to many Original Doom reviews any more but Eric did this one for PhobosDeimos Anomaly. 12 Awesome levels of Doom Goodness

Review posted April 13, 2017



Truetest Reviewed!

Created in 1994, reviewed in 2016

Click the pic!



May 3, 2016

E1M4B b y John Romero - don't miss it!



April 3, 2016

Doom The Way ID Did - The Lost Episodes




March 7, 2016
Winnie Pooh wad - so named because...????
Our first Doom review of the year.
Click on the pic!



September 20, 2015

So, here's a new review by SuperCupcakeTactics for a mapset called Oblvivion. Enjoy!




September 19, 2015

So, here's a new review by Blue Paladin for a mapset called Oblvivion. Enjoy!



June 3, 2015


I was synching up the DWS mirror of the/idgames database and saw this one. It looked interesting. Check out the review and the screenshots




May 25, 2015


I don't really have anything of interest coming in so I decided to pick an exactly 20 year old map. I chose wisely. I bring you my review of wahwah!



Feb 19, 2015


I decided (since I was bored) to review a map from1995. It's called "Lights" and is a really fun, fast paced map. Click on the Screenie to check it out!



july 26, 2014 (doom date 20.7533)


I'm kind of digging the nostalgia I'm discovering as I dig out these old maps and give them a playthrough and review that is 20 years in the making. I'm especially happy to finally get some recognition to the pioneers of the Doom mapping community who didn't have review sites back in the day to submit their work to. Neal - wherever you are - thankyou and well done

Check out the review and get the download




July 4, 2014 (review of Runaway 1994)


So, I decided to dive back into the time machine and I came away with this gem from 1994 called Runaway. i was hoping the author's email still worked. no such luck!

Anyway, click on the pic to see the review and dl the map! :-)



June 19, 2014


Where does the time go?


Blue Paladin provides with some insights into a map that was recently submitted to dws for ultimate doom called visions of eternity! click on the pic to scope it out!



May 17, 2014


Today, i review a map that will turn 20 years old on may 18 and it may have been 20 years before this got a review, but it deserved it! well done!

the map is called petkillr! enjoy! click the pick to see my review and to download!



May 8, 2014


Double Impact!



Click here or on the pic to check out the review and download



May 7, 2014


Plutonia winds!



Click HERE to see the review and download Plutonia Winds!


April 27, 2014



Check out the review and download for E2Mwalter here!



March 14, 2014



Certain Death for original Doom, E2M1 and E2M2


March 10, 2014



Termination for Doom / Ultimate Doom


March 8, 2014



It was a Dark and Stormy Night


March 7, 2014



The Temple! You WILL enjoy this!


March 5, 2014





April 30, 2007


Suicide Wad

9 new levels for Doom1


December 7, 2006

ADA v2.0 (e1m8)

ADA Map (v2.0)

15 levels for Doom1 - Gzdoom

May 31, 2005

Death is Just The Beginning



A MUST have -Death is just the begining


April 14, 2005

Cacophony of Silence by Blue Paladin



Come and get it!


May 13, 2004

Contamination Zone by Warlord from the Leechpit



Recieve your ass kickin' here!


August 27, 2003

The Intersection by Kevin Eudy



Click here!


August 27, 2003

Keystone by Kevin Eudy




Click here!


August 27, 2003

The Hall by Kevin Eudy



Click here!


August 27, 2003

Darklite by Kevin Eudy



Click here!


June 17, 2003

The Anomaly: Part II wad by Varun Abhirim



Click here!


June 16, 2003

Lost Episodes Of Doom by Christen Klie & Robert Carter



Click here!


June 16, 2003

Chaos Punch wad by Karthik Abhrim



Click here!


April 14, 2003

Hydroponics Lab by Eric Buck



Click here!


Mar 30, 2003

Timeless by Andy Leaver



Click here!


Mar 27, 2003

Dismembered for Doom by Warlord From the Leechpit



Click here!


Mar 11, 2003

Indifference by Andy Leaver



Click here!


Feb 13, 2003

Tides of Sin



Click here!


Feb 4, 2003

E1 Contest wad judged by John Romero



Click here!


Jan 23, 2003

007 - License to Spell Doom



Make room on your HD


May 24, 2001

No Hope For Life Project



Awesome multilevel replacement!


May 21, 2001

Imp Factory by Devin Bernats



Click Here for my review, pics and download


March 12, 2001

Evils Playground and Infernal by Pablo Diccter



Click Here for my review, pics and download


January 30, 2001

Zwads - a collection of 11 Very damn cool Doom Wads



Click Here for my review, pics and download


January 17, 2001

Industrial Techware - 9 level replacement for Knee Deep in the Dead



Click Here for my review, pics and download


December 18, 2000

PD-Lost and PD-Evil by Pablo Diccter Bob



Click Here for my review, pics and download


Sept 19, 2000

PD-Base by Pablo Diccter Bob



Click Here for my review, pics and download


July 27, 2000

Red Evil by Pablo Dictter! Check it out. Bob



Click Here for my review, pics and download


July 22, 2000

Cheese wad for Original DOOM - check out the cool graphics! Bob



Do you remember BBS? I do. lol. Had one!


Click Here for my review, pics and download


July 2, 2000

Borg Cube by Quinton - this is a fun level to play! Bob



Click here to download Borg Cube wad


June 24, 2000

Claustrophobolis - Imaginative and adventurous. This is an awesome wad! Bob



Download Claustrophobolis pwad here!


June 10, 2000

Forsaken by Wolfy - Download or Die! If you don't play this you're missing out on the best wad you'll ever play. Bob



Download Forsaken!


June 2, 2000

Cowboys From Hell for E4M1 - named after the Pantera disc - is a thrill a minute and frustrating as hell. :)



Download Cowboys from Hell pwad for Doom right here!


May 20, 2000

Lostzone by Jay Medina fairly SCREAMED deathmatch to me when I played it. Unfortunately he hadn't added cooperative or deathmatch starts so I took the liberty. :) Bob



Download the Lostzone Doom map here


May 17, 2000

Check out this NEW level by Gordon Lee. Myhouse is a challenging level that definately requires thinking skills. Josh (Bobs son)



Click Here for my review and download of myhouse pwad


May 7, 2000

Check out this NEW level by PD. Excellent design and gameplay (pd_trsk) stands for his name and the name of the level - the red skull key. Check it out. Bob



Click Here for PD_TRSK pics and download



April 18, 2000

Like it tough? Here you go! Abyss.wad has arrived! (BY Jay Medina) Bob



Click Here for my review, pics and download


April 18, 2000

This wad was recommended by one of the folks who voted for a wad. It was a good choice - check it out. Bob



Click Here for my review, pics and download


April 11, 2000

Love well designed levels? Like a halfway decent challenge? You'll love these wads by Pablo Dictter. There are three - the last for Ultimate Doom. This level designer has alot of talent. Check it out for yourself




 Click Here for pics and the download


Jan 1, 2000 (Happy New Year)

Check out this level sent to me by David Lindsay called The Gate. This is a level you've got to check out - lots to explore - lots of baddies to kick *** on. Have fun.



Click Here to download


Dec 21, 1999

Here's a wad you won't want to miss. It's called Hordes2, a level the author says is small but he didn't want to send me the larger ones yet that he has for doom2. This level is designed for original Doom, E1m1 and is rather small but quite tricky and a 5 or 6 on the difficulty scale. You'll spend alot of time backing away from the baddies while you try to frag them. Just enough Health and weaponry is available to get through the level comfortably unless you're a Doom God so have fun. Great game play and good design make this a level to remember.


Dec 12, 1999

The corridor starts out kind of slow action wise but quickly picks up once you begin to explore the level. Ted did a killer job on this, his first 2 levels for oringinal doom. There are some minor design flaws in the level which don't detract from gameplay at all but experienced doomers will notice them. You will find yourself immersed in a world where you are wishing for death....

Also, I have two new wads from a Doomer who likes to design for Legacy Doom. His wads are called Under and Under2. You will need to go to get legacy to be able to play these wads but it is worth the effort. They are excellent. I was unable to load them using his programming but they worked fine with Legacy.

Please welcome Gordon Anscombe who submitted which has excellent gameplay. The textures could have used a slightly better bit of alignment but believe me it doesn't detract and as a matter of fact, you won't have time to notice anyway. Wad replacement for E2M4 - Good luck. Here's a screen shot to give you an idea

Wolfy has sent me so many wads now and has plans to send me more... so I decided to give him his own page (
Click here ) - check out his newest wad (9thfloor)

Blackwid.txt Blackwid.Zip         Bigbad1.txt

Check out this full replacement for Episode 1 by Sean Birke. Since this was originally submitted the fava wads have become classics! Here is it :


Episode1.txt   DM1Epis1.Zip

9, countem, nine complete levels in - Look to be nicely done. Check it!





















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