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The Anomaly: Part II wad by Varun Abhirim

 for Ultimate Doom-map E4M6







Title : The Anomaly: Part II
Date Finished : 15 May 2001
Author :

 Varun Abhirama Krishna





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Hmm, seems like map designing runs in the family! Karthik’s brother, Varun, has done an excellent job of blending ammo and targets, making this anomaly an intense experience. From what I understand, this is his first map, and I tell ya, he did it very well. UV was not too difficult, but it’s the ending that kicks your natural ass!


rating: 8.2




There isn’t much in the way of ammo in this map. So, needless to say USE SPARINGLY. Running and ducking shots worked pretty well, and the chainsaw room was a bitch (hate ya for that one, Varun)! There were plenty of enemies to tempt your palate and lots of sharp corner and niches that turned out to be clever hiding places for some of them. Anyone at any skill level can get something out of this!






The level was very detailed, Varun used sector heights to his advantage, as you will notice when you find some of the switches he’s made. Everything in the way of textures blended in nicely, creating a very arcane, malevolent atmosphere. Cool music went along to heighten the senses. This is a nicely designed level, hands down.






The savvy Doomer will appreciate the action here. This freshens the whole ‘journey into hell’ scheme of Doom. Grab up some shells and a shotgun, you’re going in for a rough ride! GET IT!!!!!


Overall: 9.8
















































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