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Title : PhobosDeimos Anomaly
Filename : pd1-anom.wad
Release date : 12/10/2014
Author :

Compiled by Xaser
Email Address :
levels : maps E1M1-E1M6 and E2M1-E2M6 of Ultimate Doom
Source Engine : I used ZDoom (latest)













There are 12 maps in this release and Eric provided a TON of screenshots. Alot of them have Thumbnail links to them here to speed up loading the page. Some are full size within the review. So, enjoy the review, and look over the screenshots then get to Busting some Demon chops!


Eric's  Review:





            I played on UV and had an absolute blast. There are 12 nice-sized maps to fight thru with a good helping of baddies to ruin your day. Also, there’s lots of secrets and poison tunnels, lots of open air areas and super dark chambers, and goo-gobs of tricks and traps to snatch away health just when you think it’s safe.





            This has a very nostalgic and traditional feel, and reeks of Doom history. Every level had a nod to the ID original levels; I saw a hint of ‘The Undertunnels’ and ‘Dead Simple’, as well as others. Each map, save for a couple very short ones, are pretty big and require time to explore. There is no shortage of demons to frag; I got hammered from all angles by Barons…LOTS of Barons.


Boy, did I ever enjoy wailing away with the ol’ 12 gauge at the legion of Undead, trudging down long dark halls, peering into uber shaded rooms for traps. The Spectre demons were put to very good use in these dark sectors and they put out a good beating too.



 I got flanked more than once, backstabbed by Big Eyes who came slinking out of some hidden room behind me somewhere, and got backed into a corner by…EVERYTHING…having to battle my way out.



There’s new music as well that has a heavy metal flavor, and it did well to set the mood!

As for supplies, there’s plenty. You’ll have more than enough to scrap your way to the exit, and just enough health to keep you living; love it. There are switches aplenty, but the action is so heavy that they hardly seem tedious. Plus, they activate something that’s near to you or within eyeshot, so that’s a big plus.






            Legendary map replacement. ‘Nuff said..








A collection of twelve classic-style maps by
Phobosdeimos1, originally designed for "Doom
the Way Id Did."

These maps, while perhaps not "id-like" in
the strictest sense, are wildly creative and
fun to boot. A must-play for those with a
classic Doom itch to scratch.

Xaser says:
In light of Phobosdeimos1's passing in 2012, I
thought it fitting to release one of his final
gifts to the community as a standalone pack.
He showed great enthusiasm for the project and
was one of the most prolific mappers, with
possibly more submissions than anyone else.
While I'm an ill-fitting messenger to pass on
his legacy, these maps absolutely deserve a
release. R.I.P, good sir, until next life.

Additional Credits to :
Hellbent and the DTWID team, for organizing the
project that led to these maps's inception.

Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri, who co-authored

Mr. Freeze, for music.






















































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