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Oct 30, 2014

A Doomer's Requiem (Two thumbs up from Zorah)

Click on the pic!



Oct 29, 2014

A Wad made by Ruben - "Revised"

Click on the pic!



Oct 22, 2014

Unholy Realms MEGAWAD for Doom 2

Click on the pic!



Oct 3, 2014


The Wailing Horde! A "MUST PLAY"

Click on the pic!




Aug 28, 2014 (Doom Date 20.7566)


Blue Paladin chimed in today with a review of a Doom 2 wad called:

"Smothered Hope"

Judging from the review, it looks like a good time.

Click on the pic to download!




August 8, 2014 (doom date 20.7546)


Today, I bring you a review of a truly unique map called "youdig" be prepared - and be scared. lol

click on the pic to download






August 3, 2014 (Doom date 20.7541)


zorah's review of firetop mountain was released today. judging by the review and the screenshots, this looks like one totally awesome map! So just get it....
click on the pic for the review and download.





July 28, 2014 (doom date 20.7535)


Ok, so.... I actually have two reviews for you today. the first one is called Xenomorph and is (naturally) based on the movie "aliens". The second offering of the day (also reviewed by zorah) is of a map released this week on the archives (in beta stage at this  point) called Blood Axe Fortress. click on the highlighted text to go to the reviews and the downloads. :-)



July 25, 2014 (Doom Date 20.7532)


While maybe not the hardest damn wad out there, this one does put up a fight, though not necessarily in enjoyable ways. On most maps in this wad, you are immediately pitted against an angry horde and have to act quick to annihilate them and force some breathing room into the situation. Click the pic to read the review and get the download!





July 19, 2013 (doom date 20.7526)


This time zorah is getting reviewed by yours truly for a mapset called doom gaiden. this is a must have for your collection, without question. one in game video is included from each of the 4 maps that comprise doom gaiden. enjoy!

click on the  pic to see the  review and get the  download



July 13, 2014 (doom date 20.7520)


zorah and eric bring us two reviews of a single level total conversion for doom2 based on the classic (and chilling) slasher film - Friday the 13th. Apparently, there is only one badass - you know who he is, and, of course, he can return from the dead. what more could you ask for? crappy 80's paint colors and jason? let's go! click on the pic!



july 6, 2014 (doom date 20.7513)


i was super happy when i accidentally ran across this total conversion for doom 2.

this is the wolfenstein (and spear of destiny) total conversion for doom2.

I made a note in the page about the .bat files. if you need help figuring that out, just send me a note from any one of the hundreds of email links on the site and i'll help out.

click on the pic to go to the page, get the download, etc...



July 1, 2014 (doom date 20.7508)


sorry for the delay in getting out a new review - but you know, life!

Anyway, here is a review of a 15 map megawad called they pr boom maps. it is still a work in progress so the review(s) - yes, there are two of them (zorah and myself) - are based on where this future 32 level megawad is at this moment in time! enjoy! I call it a tale of two reviews!

click  on the pic to download!



June 14, 2014 (Doom Date 20.7491)


Big Woodchip provides some good challenge, at the cost of some detailing and some design choices that may make you want to mouth the words, "Dick move." It's worth checking out if you've got some free time this weekend. Click on the pic to get the review and download



May 27, 2014 (doom date 20.7473)


Where DOES the time go? Anyway, Blue Paladin chimes in with this review of a 9 level

Doom 2 map called Magic Walker. As usual, Eric doesn't mince any words. From the review it sounds like the difficulty is moderate with lots of switch play. Have fun!

Click on the pic for download and review!



May 12, 2014


Zorah sent in the review of a 32 level megawad called "Countdown to Extinction".

Judging by the review, this is a mixed bag of puzzles and ridiculous difficulty that he didn't really find appealing but... check it out for yourself and YOU be the judge.

click the pic for the review and download



May 1, 2014


Where DOES the time go? Here we are already in May and tons of new reviews uploaded to the site. Here's the latest Doom 2 wad review:

Occult Library. Click on the pic to get to the review.



April 22, 2014



Tubbyland for Doom and Doom 2 (graphics conversion only). Click on the pic to download!


April 19, 2014



Flashback to Hell


April 13, 2014



Order of the Macabre for Doom 2. Download it here!


April 5, 2014



Doomzone weapons mod played in Mitnal



April 5, 2014



Escalation I: The Breach


April 5, 2014



Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine - set 1


March 23, 2014



Escalation II: Centurion Night


March 17, 2014



UAC Training Facility


March 15, 2014


Screenshot from Marbellous


Marbellous for Doom 2


March 12, 2014


Blood Summons - Download it here


Opening scene from Blood summons


March 10, 2014



Seasoned Doomers ONLY! This is NOT for the feint of heart. Click the pic!



March 6, 2014


Golachab! I don't know what it means, but I think it means "i'll kick your ass punk"

Click on the pic to check it out




March 3, 2014


Check out Seb's review of Marswars - a full megawad replacing all the maps in Doom 2



Check out the review for Marswars!



Mar 2, 2014


Zorah reviewed this map - Starship Konrad, which is based on the film Alien, and has

some nice new creature and weapon work along with a suitably dark atmosphere.

Check out the review.






February 28, 2014


This is a review of BOSSED. Five maps that each end in a boss battle. I'm pretty sure you'l

enjoy playing through them. I've only finished the first map  and I'm ready for more!

Uber Doomers beware - probably not as challenging as you personally might like.



Download BOSSED here!



February 27, 2014


So here we go - the first review on DWS in 7 years and MAN, was it a doozy!

Have at and unless you are REALLY good, I recommend staying away from UV!



Operation Hydra

A MUST download, Click here!














































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