Lights (a doom map for E2M1 from 1995)

February 19, 2015




The Review


MAP BY: Jeff Wofford
Jan. 16, 1995

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    This map gets a hearty Thumbs up from me. It was a pretty quick and fun play and really, what more could you ask for?


Review by Sematary



So, what's the deal? 1995? You're fucking shitting me right? Why the HELL are you reviewing a map from 1995?

I'll tell you why. There were NO review sites around when this was created. No places for the author to submit their work and have it appreciated by what was then a still budding community. January 1995?  EVERYBODY was playing DOOM but where were you going to get the recognition you deserved? I've done a few of these now. I endeavor to choose wisely and in this case, I certainly did. Enjoy! The tools this author used were archaic and while the level design isn't absolutely perfect, it is pretty damn close. So just enjoy. Shut off jump, and crouch and all the other modern conveniences and enjoy.


Design 8

   "I suppose that I could have been more generous with this but 8 seems about right. The design isn't terribly complex but, as  per the name (and the description in the text file) the lighting is pretty damn good. The author obviously went to great pains to do what he could with the tools at his disposal at the time. I think you'll be impressed. Just remember - place yourself in early 1995 and essentially the only editory you have doesn't have any graphics. Good luck with that, huh? Anyway, the lighting was well done, the map was completely not linear, which is a complaint I have about alot of maps, even now - 20 years later.




Difficulty: 6


     Perhaps I'm being too hard on the author on this one but we had strafe capability back then too. The most difficult monster I came across in this map was a Baron of Hell and I was armed to the teeth when I came across him. I had shotgun, a chaingun a rocket launcher and a  plasma gun. I mean - you know - I know he's a Baron but what the fuck? I took him out by strafing circles around his ass and pummeling him with shotgun shells - you know - death by a thousand cuts. I never used the Rocket launcher or the Plasma gun in this map. Sure, I could have, but what would the fun have been in THAT?




Playability: 8



Aside from a couple of textures that he forgot to put the lindef in to stop  people walking through a wall (a minor thing, I assure you), this was a fast and fun map. Seriously, download the damn thing and put 10 or 15 minutes of your time to good use (alright, maybe you could be doing something better) and play this map. You won't regret it.




Overall: 7ish


    It's difficult to place yourself in 1995 (I know, many of you weren't even born yet) but the tools really were ridiculously diffitcult to work with and I think we really need to appreciate the effort that went into creating even a modest map like this one. I do think you'll enjoy it. Use Chocolate Doom if you want the full on Vanilla experience (I used Zdoom) but  play it!
















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