Truetest for Doom (made in 1994)




Some thoughts on the map


You are heading down the secret hallway leading to
the teleporter back to Earth. As you make your way
to well-earned freedom, you wonder why it seemed so
easy to waste the mighty Spiderdemon?
Just then, a ghostly apparition appears in the
corridor ahead. It is one of your fallen comrades!
He speaks to you in a ghostly whisper, but you sense
a joy in his haunting voice. He thanks you for
rescuing his soul from that monstrous devil. He
begins to tell you of his last mission...
It seems that of the few space marines who made it
to the inferno of Hell, only he had a soul too pure
to be corrupted by the teleporter gates. He fought
valiantly, but was soon captured-not killed! The
hideous Spiderdemon saw a power in that soul he
could use for his own. In an unholy ceremony, the
Spiderdemon split the marine into two parts--a body
and a soul!
With the soul in his control, the Spiderdemon
would gain even greater power and would be
indestructable to any mortal!

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The True Test made by Anthony Klein

Review by SuperCupcakeTactics

Two nifty maps for The Ultimate Doom!
This map is from July of '94 but was uploaded to the idgames archive on 03/03/06 by Graham Burgess

From the description this map is about reliving a fallen comrade's last and most heroic mission before his soul was held captive by an evil spider mastermind.

Difficulty: 5.5

A review on the idgames archive mentioned how starved for ammo he was, so I took this into account and played on HNTR difficulty and I'm glad I did. In the middle of the first level it came to me how easily I could have been locked in a war of attrition. Mostly only zombiemen, imps, and the occasional cacodemon or baron. In fact the first three monsters are a cacodemon and two lost souls accompanying it to fend off with only a pistol.

Playability: 4

These maps are better for a onetime trek through 1994's more interesting and better built maps. Unfortunately it seems inherently hampered by the second map including sections of the original Doom's maps as parts of it, though remixed. It was a nice fun breeze to play through though.

Design: 6

The first map is mildly difficult with slightly bumpy strolls and a few easy one offs against a higher tier demon, although difficulty hikes up overall in the second map. That's because the first map is mostly on puzzles, while the second map is more traditional in how it plays with even some setpieces implemented. Both maps are designed with a hub area to enter any challenge, and the first map includes one of those darn pesky teleporter puzzles but at least you can see the entire game board in it. The second map has a few arena battles with the finale of you reaching your soul as detailed in the WAD's story. Another interesting piece in the map was the invisible staircase, and the means to make it from UAC_DEAD.WAD by Leo Martin Lim as the author credits him for.

Overall: 7

These were two pretty neat maps, especially for 1994. It was interesting to see the puzzles in the first map, and the acid drenched one was my favorite. The second map showed some classic maps with some interesting twists and arena battles that let you go crazy. It's cool to see some design aspects so very visible by how simple the maps are, and how you can feel how the author felt for the player. Say thanks for the generously given medkits in the acid puzzle! They were fun so go ahead and give it a shot to relish a great day in the maps of '94.




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