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Tides of Sin by Midnightstorm






Mortis Infinitum


Author Information


Name: Dr. Sam Kendrick Ellis III, M.D.


Level Information


File Name:TidesofSin.zip

Map Name: Tides of Sin.wad

Date Started: 22Dec03

Date Completed: 13Feb03

Replacement Level: E1M8

Multiplayer:  No

DeathMatch: No

Difficulty Settings:  Yes

New Sounds: No

New Textures:  No

Base Level:  None

Editor(s) Used:  WadAuthor 1.3


Note: This map requires Legacy Doom and the Ultimate Doom IWAD.


Download Tides of Sin  

















Yes, its hard but not so hard that you'll just walk away shaking your head and wishing you had done something else with your time. Since the author implemented skill levels I will just assume that the easier difficulty settings are more suited to less experienced players. I played on Ultra Violence (as always) and while I did find myself utilizing my saved game twice I think, that wasn't too bad. You WILL need to use your head. You WILL need to utilize the architecture to protect yourself at times but this level is beatable by the average doom player. I could have imagined doing it slightly different but not much.







Once you figure out how to keep from getting turned to toast right at the beginning it plays out very well. The baron at the beginning is one you will definitely want to take out early or have him haunt you throughout the level. It is a small but fun level to play. There are a total of 3 major battles to be fought in this wad and it will take everything you have to beat the army of beasts that the author throws at you but it is done in such a way and with the right weapons at hand that you won't get frustrated as long as you think. The only thing I would have asked for here would have been to make the level a little larger to stretch out the length of time you get to play.







As with many of the wads I see these days - this is one of the best features of the wad. While not incredibly bestowed with unbelievable looking architecture, it does offer a very nice appearance with good use of textures and a variety of geography to keep the players interest. Fortunately, he wasn't ONLY thinking of level design when he did this so you didn't end up with a nice looking level but boring to play. I really enjoyed the floors in this level as far as the design went. It added a nice touch to what otherwise might have been an average or slightly above average looking level.


Design: 8





This is an above average level in design and playability. In fact, its above average in almost every respect. Its not perfect but how many wads are? I would have liked to have seen more use of boom features considering that it needs a port to work properly - a few small 3d effects or just something that you don't see in most maps would have made the total score a little higher but it is very good. The author says Legacy is necessary to function properly but I played some of it with Zdoom and it looked fine to me.


Overall: 8








































































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