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Keystone for Ultimate/regular DOOM






Kevin Eudy


SP doom (E1M2)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin






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This one snuck up on me! I didnít think that it was too difficult, BUT I did succeed in getting tagged quite a few times. Though, I did manage to get through without a single save or dying. Kevin is a big level type; this level was grandiose and stretched out. I got turned around here and there, but didnít get frustrated. This is NOT a major challenge but anyone will get a foot in the ass at one point in this wad.
rating: 7.7



The level, as Iíve said, is BIG. That made playing a little tedious at times. But, the action stayed tight and even though I ran from a few baddies, they continued to pursue me during the whole game (namely, Barons of Hell). I didnít want to waste the ammo, which was good because there wasnít too much ammo or health here. Some beasties got stuck in spots that were too small to accommodate them mostly because I blew them there with my rocket launcher. There were a couple of teleport traps; one that I have to warn you about is a BITCH! Itís a two-way teleport that bounces you to the other side, but if youíre not too careful, youíll step into a teleport that will zap you back! Try that with a Baron bearing down on you in the same room and youíre asking for trouble! That trap was the coolest part of the map for me!



Keystone was a well-designed map! Kevin did an outstanding job on this one. Get it and try it out!
Design: 8.5



Okay, too simple for the seasoned guy, but still fun to romp around the complex just for target practice.
Overall: 7.8