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Rest In Peace by Yours Truly, Bob Larkin


I hope that none of you mind me rating my own wad - I know I'm biased but what the hell, I'll try to be objective. Many parts are not very difficult as long as you use your wits and try to hide behind stuff to protect yourself. There is one section of the map where you must cross a sea of death to reach the island in the middle. The building to your right as you reach the island is your safe haven. You must get in there and help the monsters destroy each other. If you don't, you die! There are dozens upon dozens of creatures in this area of the map including a cyberdemon, revenants, hellknights and much more so be prepared to move and shoot and as soon as the area is clear and you have the key get the hell out of there! The Exit room will also present you with a challenge and I'm not going to tell you how to solve the problem. That is up to you. Good Luck soldier! P.S. - this wad is for map02 not map01 so you will either need to play through level 1 or use this cheat to get to it - idclev02

rating: 10


The entire map is designed to flow in such a way that you are not exactly going from point a to point b to point c but you must recover keys to reach the next area. You begin in a room surrounded by 4 walls - only one of them will open. The rest will open as you complete each area of the map and recover the key. There is plenty of ammunition, weapons and health in the level and as long as you use your head, save often and don't waste your ammo then you should get through ok.




There are better level designers out there than myself but I am pretty good. This one is one of my best. I used many different features to make this level challenging and exciting. I guarantee you will never get bored. There are some hidden areas in the map that will give you extra protection or a weapon you could probably use later on in the map but those are few and even without finding the hidden areas you should be ok but it definitely is to your benefit to find them. There are 4 very distinct areas of the map all surrounding the original entry point. Recover the keys to gain entrance to each area and be on the lookout for invisible monsters, slime, etc... Don't fall off the bridge connecting to the island or you're dead. The only thing about the design I am unhappy about but am not going to change now is that a couple of the cages on the island can't be exited unless the door is opened from the outside - meaning a monster will have to let you out so I would recommend staying out of the cages unless you need ammunition and I would do it quickly.

Design: 8


I think this is one of the better maps available for Doom2. You can also download a different version of this file which contains a different texture set. I call it the enhanced version.

Overall: 9.5

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