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Oblivion FOR original DOOM







Title : Oblivion
Filename : obliv666.WAD
Release date : 1/31/2015
Author : Stormwalker a.k.a. Vordakk
Email Address : massesareasses@hotmail.com
Other Files By Author : DOOM 2 - Flashback to Hell
Heretic - Dark Deity's Bastion
Heretic - Call of the Apostate
...and a few others as well

Description : In 2010 I released an E1 replacement for DOOM
called Phobos Massacre. I was relatively
inexperienced as a mapper at that time, and it
really shows in the levels, which are quite bad.

I initially wanted to come back to this old
mapset and just see if I could touch it up, but
after looking over the levels I quickly realized
that most of them were either unsalvagable, or
they were in need of a LOT of work. So despite
the fact that this mapset uses Phobos Massacre
as a base, the content is about 75%-80% new.
I've thoroughly changed each of these maps,
scrapping sub-par areas and creating new layouts
and architecture. In some cases, entire levels
are completely new because there was no part of
the old level worth keeping. Enemy and item
placement has been reworked, co-op starts have
been added, difficulty levels have been
implemented, and proper playtesting has been
done to ensure compatibility with -complevel 9.

This levelset is old-school, and as such you
will break the levels or otherwise ruin the
intended experience if you utilize jumping,
crouching, or freelook.

I always balance my levels so that they play
well from a pistol start. This often means that
players who play these levels in succession will
build up a large ammo stockpile, which some
people gripe about. In my opinion, for the best
challenge, you should try to play each level
from a pistol start if you can. If you'd rather
experience this as an episode, but still want
more of a challenge, consider using the -fast
command line parameter.

The music is mostly taken from The Plutonia Midi
Pack which, according to its text file, may be
used as a base for modification or re-use. The
exceptions would be one track by Paul Corfiatis
and one track by Graeme Norgate and Robin











This is a partial mod for E1M1-E1M9 on Ultimate Doom. I used GZDoom for the source port.


DIFFICULTY: 7.5  Not overly difficult to finish, but the supplies and powerups are few and far between. You will have just enough to squeeze thru, and you will find yourself entering new levels battered and bruised, desperate for a health powerup. You will run out of ammo frequently, but will come upon something to help level the playing field.


DESIGN: 8.4 The music was pretty cool, and the areas were set up well. There was good pacing of the action and the obligatory key traps and trap door triggers were set up fine. The outdoor areas were dangerous, but fun to run and gun thru. I got a nostalgic feel for the wad as it used the original textures from Ultimate Doom. Not innovative, but simple and straight forward.


REPLAYABILITY: 9  This was a blast to play thru and I missed a couple of secrets; going back to find them will be fun. I cussed the game out a couple of times, which was good. A video game just isnít worth its bits if the player doesnít get a hissy fit every now and then!


ORIGINALITY: 7.5  Classic, simple, clean. Itís focused more on the action than fancy designing, which is fine by me.































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