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The Hall, by Kevin Eudy.

A wad for Ultimate Doom.







Title : Keystone
Date Finished : Unknown
Author : Kevin Eudy



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Itís been a while since my last review, and even longer since I reviewed a wad for Ultimate Doom. So, without delay, here goes. This wad is not too difficult at all at any setting. But it can be a bit of a challenge on UV. There wasnít an overkill of baddies, but I feel, that there was a bit too much health to go around. The ammo mix was cool, but if there was less health, I would be more apt to sweat bullets.

rating: 6



The Hall was a very long hall! This is a considerably large map with a lot of running back and forth to activate switches. It got a little tedious with the switch flipping and looking for said items, but the action kinda broke up the monotony a bit. Too much health for my taste and there was a BUNCH of Barons to snuff! I ran from them for the most part to save ammo for anything that might be larger, say, a CyberDemon or something, but none came, so I just found the keys, went back, and wailed away at anything that came up to me. I had fun, all the same.




No new textures, but nice structures and lighting; very nice. I found myself squinting to see in the dark in some parts of the map. I got tagged a couple of times by baddies who love dark corners. There was one sector with a crushing ceiling that needed some peg work, but nothing major in distraction. This is a very well done traditional level.

Design: 8



Get this level and check it out. Good for beginners who want to cut their teeth on editing or who want more of a challenge; fair for old salts that salsa with ArchViles for fun and who want some thing else to do when editing gets tiresome.

Overall: 7.3













































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