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Bloodworks by Bob Larkin

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After a furious battle you have been knocked unconcious. Waking several hours later, you find yourself in a dark tunnel with a dim light some distance from you. Bodies litter the floor in front of you. These were your friends and comrades.

You check but none is alive save for you. Shaking the cobwebs from your head, you go forward, grabbing your handgun and trusty shotgun and any additional ammo left behind by your fallen buddies. As you near the light you see a Cacodemon in the distance and you can tell from what you see that you are underground somewhere, and judging by the noise it appears that some machinery is going about its dark business just out of sight.

As you come out of the total darkness of the tunnel you are in you see that there is a bridge at your feet and another one above you and the floor is awash in blood and gore. You've heard of this place but you always thought it was a rumor! How could something so ultimately evil exist, even in the bowels of Hell?

This is the BLOODWORKS! This is where the demons take their prey in order to drain their blood, chop them up and dispose of the remains. The odor is unbelievable. The stench of death permeates everything. You have to get out of this place but you will need to battle. The demons are not going to let you go easily. . . .

Some explantation: The first download is a single combined file that works with Legacy (all versions as far as I can tell) and the Zdoom version that came with or higher. It also works with PRBOOM which is pretty cool so you might want to download that if you don't have it and give it a try. I haven't tried it with and DOS ports but I would assume that it works with BOOM and other DOS ports since Legacy and Zdoom are descendants of that.

The second download has the texture file and the map/music/sound file separate. If you don't have the newer version or don't want to upgrade then that is the download for you. The wad WILL NOT work with Vanilla Doom2. The map will work with risen 3d. i don't know about other 3d ports but it renders perfectly and beautfifully in risen3d. if you don't have it - get it! check out the pcks (link below).I have also included the download which is a zip file for those who don't know what that is. Load the texture wad FIRST if you use the the version with the texture. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page!


Download Zdoom + /Legacy version

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Zdoom Download

Zdoom file

Prboom port for Win32

Risen3d Doom Port OPENGL pics!


A recent playthrough by Greenslayer

A short playthrough video

 wad separate.

What do you think? Look good?

Screenpic from Bloodworks for Zdoom and Legacy

Screenpic from Bloodworks for Zdoom and Legacy

Another pic from Bloodworks for Zdoom and Legacy

The Reviews are IN!

Review by Sarge Baldy's Hardass Doom Reviews!

Review by Sarge Baldy

A good, smaller map that manages to remain rather atmospheric, despite being quote crowded. The blood-dripping sounds especially added to the atmosphere here. 3d was used to good effect as well, making a map that seems small in area still feel like it has a lot to it. The best thing about this map is that it's just a cool idea that was well-executed, about a blood-creation plant. Just try not to get yourself caught on the production line ;-)

Here is some of the review by "The Doom Wad Review"

Get the rest by clicking on the link to the site!

Doom Wad Reviews

Title: Bloodworks Filename: BLUDWRKS.WAD Author: Bob Larkin (a.k.a. Sematary) (a.k.a. Brad_tilf) Port Used for Review: Legacy (Software Mode) Design Where should I even begin? Wow. This one was very, whats the word... efficient? It is a very concise wad. There is alot to do in a very physically small map, the use of 3D floors is done very well here making catwalks over the baths of blood below, which you can walk over and even need to walk in to progress in the game. Everything was very tight, but not so you couldnt move the size of the level was perfect, any smaller it would have been cramped, any larger and it would have been too easy. The use of textures was WONDERFUL, my favorite was the custom wall in the room off the starting room with a hole in it, and an imp inside chucking fireballs out of it, i LOVE it, and the custom "Blood Shower" textures were perfect. There were no misaligned textures anywhere that i could see, enemy placement was perfect throughout, and there was JUST enough ammo (i ran out a couple times, that super shotgun CHEWS UP those shells). . Design Score: 9.8

Here is the review by "Ultimate Doomer" in the /Newstuff chronicles on Doomworld. Click on the link to see more reviews from the same week. - February 16, 2003

/Newstuff Chronicles (sadly now missing from the Doomworld website)

Bloodworks by Bob Larkin (wad) - (txt) - 750kb - non GL port - SP - (img) A small map for Doom 2. Replacing map 03, this is set in some sort of blood making factory, and the doom2.exe ambient sound (running water here) reflects that. The areas are all brown/grey, dark, well detailed and full of fake 3D effects, some of which are impressive. Gameplay-wise it's cramped, ammo and health are finely balanced and lost souls (normally not too troublesome) can be quite dangerous here. Those who don't like fairly close-quarters battles will probably want to stay clear (as will those who hate Quake-style brown/grey texturing) but most of you will want to play this. (note: don't play this with an OpenGL port as it's supposed to screw up the graphics - use Boom/prBoom, Legacy or ZDoom)

One of the best written reviews of ANY wad I've ever seen. The No Poet review.. - October 26, 2003

No Poet Doom Reviews! (Dead?)

A smallish map 03 replacement created by the Doom Wad Station's own president, Bloodworks is a unique adventure inside a blood-drenched processing station. The spanner in the works comes in the form of a very angry space marine who isn't quite as, well, dead as the demons expected. This time, lunch is on the demons...


Playability [8/10] This is a really impressive piece of wadmaking. Unlike in Castle of the Eternal Carrot (which is Bloodworks' only rival as far as I am concerned) the gameplay, though often harsh, still manages to be good. More than good, it's exciting, plus on Ultra Violence it is extremely challenging for high-level Doomers. The challenge is increased by the fact that monsters are now able to attack from every direction including above and below. All those Lost Souls and Cacodemons relied upon by wadmakers everywhere suddenly get something to do, and this wad plays to their strengths. Amazingly, Bloodworks makes Cacodemons seem scary. The gameplay is definitely enhanced by the wad's good looks. Bloodworks throws down the gauntlet to Doomers of all abilities.

Visuals [9/10]

Though small this wad utilises an impressive array of 3D features. The floor-above-floor trick is FINALLY used in a serious wad - this is not some stupid unplayable 'demo' as seems to be the fashion for 3D wads these days, Bloodworks is a proper, exciting Doom wad in its own right. Most areas of the map incorporate some sort of special effect, like a raised catwalk or bridge, and it's always to excellent effect. Other cool stuff includes waterfalls of blood, a wall that's been broken through and a frightening trap which changes both the height and light levels of the room. Bloodworks never seems to be showing off with its brilliant bag of tricks, taking each new feature in its stride and incorporating them into the wad as if it's the most natural thing in the world. Which of course it should be by now, it's just that apart from Bob Larkin very few wad designers are catching on to the idea that today's Doom wad can be a very good-looking thing.

Bugs and Issues None.

OVERALL Wads like Bloodworks are going to keep Doom 2 alive even after the release of Doom 3. The sheer effort which Bob Larkin has put into this is really inspiring. I know Bloodworks has met a mixed response by Doomworld forum regulars (let's face it, who hasn't?) and this isn't fair considering the originality, innovation and straightforward intelligence which went into Bloodworks - something many more popular wads like the Blind Alleys, Fiffys and even a couple of Requiem's stinkers lack. I wish we'd see more wads like this. Apparently it's quite simple to build a room-over-room in Doom - yet Bloodworks is the only one that really has a go, with gusto. Bad points (most wads have them): the music is absolutely SHOCKING. The last time I heard music this bad was when I played a garbled tape, and there's a horrendously irritating NIIINGNIIINGNIIING noise everywhere you go which I believe is supposed to be blood. You can turn the music down, but that hideous noise is always there, and it drove me mad. Aspiring authors should really be making notes about this one. With Doom 3 looming on the horizon it's about time some people stopped emulating E1M1 and starting building serious wads before innovative, intelligent Doomers such as Bob Larkin leave them behind...or worse, before UDoom and Doom 2 are consigned to a cardboard box in some dusty corner of computer game history.


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