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Evils Playground by Pablo Diccter

 for Original Doom/Doom95 and Ultimate Doom





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Title : Evil's Playground (Diabolique part two)
Files : EvPl.WAD EvPl.TXT auhtor.txt
Author : Pablo Dictter
Email Address : pablodictter@hotmail.com
Description : The second part from the project "Diabolique". Is supose to be a wad with styled of Episode 3

















There are alot of surprises in store for you as you navigate this level designed for e1m1. The bad guys are coming at you from all directions and you have to use your head, your skill and your wits to keep from getting fragged early and often. I recommend saving as much as possible because you really don't know what is coming next. It shouldn't take you an inordinate amount of time to complete the level but you should expect to have reload from your saved game slot several times at least. The action is fast and furious - especially near the beginning but stays at a fairly high level through most of the game play.


rating: 8




This was a very enjoyable wad to play with plenty of little tricks and traps to keep the player on his toes. Frustration is a possibility, especially after you defeat the creatures in the initial room and move on to the second room where you will be surrounded by a group of imps and demons as the floor you are on rises to meet them. Move fast, grab the health on the opposite side of the room as quickly as possible and get the shotgun before you are mowed down and you will survive this encounter - otherwise, Asta La Vista baby!






As with all of Pablo's levels - the design is excellent, challenging the player to use his wits and attempt to anticipate what is coming next. There is plenty of detail to make it interesting while you navigate the level and keep you from getting bored by looking at wall after wall of the same texture. The detail, again, is excellent.


Design: 8




This is a definite play for those of you who enjoy playing original Doom levels or doom levels for Doom95. Get this download and start fragging. By the way, there is another download here called inferno which requires the Boom engine to play (also meaning you need the dos version of Doom). I didn't play it but I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.



Overall: 8.6


























































































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