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Indifference by Andy Leaver






Author: Andy Leaver

Game: Ultimate Doom

Other work by Author: No Hope For Life Doom1, Pir2 Doom2 (Not released yet)

Map info..



Coop play: Yes.

Deathmatch play: No -Way to big for that.

Demos replaced: None

Skill levels: yes.

New Music or sound: None  


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Well, as usual, I played on ultra violence so my experience may be different than yours but I guarantee that you won't be bored in this level. Like the Indians at Custers last stand - they just keep coming and coming and coming. There seems to be no end to the horde of creatures that Andy throws at you in this level. The hardest creature in here - never mind - I'm not going to tell you - I will tell you this tho - your shotgun and chaingun (when and if you find it) are going to be smoking long before this level is over. It really is a nonstop barrage of enemies in this level. Every corner, every nook, every cranny offers the player the chance to get his ass kicked. Tread lightly in this one - take your time and be the hunter because they are waiting for you I had ALOT of fun in this one. There was never a lack of ammunition or weapons, except perhaps at the very beginning where you need to use your ammunition sparingly until you get inside the complex. Once you recover a shotgun from a dead sargent then you should be all set from that point. I did get killed often in this one - mostly because I was being careless. Why? Because most authors don't spring bad guys on you at the rate that this one does or hide them so well. This is all the more impressive considering the design of the level which I will get to shortly. The only thing I could have asked for would have been to see a couple of the more difficult monsters in ultra violence for a more challenging play.






There's not much I can say here. The level flows together well and you always have tons of things to kill. The only real downside to the level is that it wasn't built with ports in mind and therefore some things which shouldn't be accessible normally are easily accessible by jumping, etc...






When I first got into this level and looked at the opening sequence I was like, man - booooring. Alot of brown, some trees, and a complex with a few imps and some zombies to fight my way past. Big deal. Onto the battle... I entered the complex and began to fight my way through the maze that is Indifference and the further into it I got the more impressed I became with the complex yet well thought out design. There are tons of little spaces for creatures to be sprung out on you, excellent use of lighting, shadow, textures, etc..., etc... It is a very large level, very complex and challenging in its own right as you try to remember where you are and where you need to get to. I think you may find that you too will be impressed by this level as you delve deeper into the hell that Andy has designed for you. You will spend lots of quality time chewing apart enemies with you chainsaw, blowing their brains out with your shotgun and in some cases just laying waste to rooms with the chaingun as you navigate the level trying to locate the keys and secrets that will eventually release you to a saner realm. The level is very "doomish" in style - meaning that it doesn't utilize alot of the architectural stuff that many newer levels do - it just uses good, solid mapping design. This gets my best just for the layout alone.






I don't receive many doom levels to review any longer - they are usually doom2 but if you still have doom or ultimate doom on your computer - download this and spend some quality time in hell.

Overall: 9


































































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