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This level is for map01 of Doom2 using the Zdoom port. It will NOT run with any other port. To get Zdoom go to........

the ZDOOM homepage.


This is a partial conversion of Doom2 using my Atlantis wad and some new textures, flats, etc... to make the game look different. The level wad only replaces map01 but the texture/flat changes will remain as long as you keep the wad loaded. This could be kind of cool but all the textures won't necessarily look right. You could also load this wad with other user created levels and have something completely different. If you are on broadband I recommend downloading this wad over the regular Atlantis wad because you will get the full effect intended. If you are on dialup and don't mind waiting for about 5 megs of dl thats fine too. But, if you just want to check out the level go back to the main page and download the Atlantis wad. Plan on spending alot of time underwater in either wad.

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