Claustrophobia E1M1 replacement

by Bob Larkin

Story: There really isn't one. You have just entered Hell. If you are on UV - (which you should be), then you are immediately faced with your first battle. There aren't a ton of badasses in this map (It's kind of small really) but I tried to place them in such a way as to keep it interesting (and hopefully surprising and difficult). Warning! If you're not a fan of dark, cramped places, then this map is not for you. But, if Hell were comfortable, it wouldn't be Hell now, would it?

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      This is the first map I have produced in more than 10 years, mostly due to the fact that John Romero released his and it got me off my ass to do something. Unlike my last maps all those years ago, this one is more in the style of an actual original doom map. No special tricks. No 3d. None of that. Just a straight up map. And, keeping E1m1 in mind when I decided to make it, I chose (like the original) to keep it short and sweet. I Did replace the music with the theme from Phantasm. I hope you enjoy that. And I hope you like the dark...

I did take the time to playtest this in several different ports - Zdoom, PRBoom+, Risen3d and Chocolate Doom. For whatever reason, Legacy didn't like the music lump or something. Fuck it. Also tested in Vanilla Doom (yes, I know - who uses Vanilla Doom?). I don't like designing for specific ports though - I think my maps should be playable in as many ports as possible. Here are some screenies from Risen3d (my favorite port)










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