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Site news!

July 19, 2013 (doom date 20.7526)


This time zorah is getting reviewed by yours truly for a mapset called doom gaiden. this is a must have for your collection, without question. one in game video is included from each of the 4 maps that comprise doom gaiden. enjoy!

click on the  pic to see the  review and get the  download






doom date 20.7525 (july 18, 2014)


So, basically, I'm looking for some people to do some playthroughs of some of the maps - doesn't matter which ones or what year - post to Youtube and send me the link, so I can add the playthroughs to the reviews. interested? use the email link above and send me the link to your playthrough (be sure to link the review. :-)


doom date 20.7520 (july 13, 2014)


zorah and eric bring us two reviews of a single level total conversion for doom2 based on the classic (and chilling) slasher film - Friday the 13th. Apparently, there is only one badass - you know who he is, and, of course, he can return from the dead. what more could you ask for? crappy 80's paint colors and jason? let's go! click on the pic!



doom date 20.7513 (july 6, 2014)


wolfenstein 3d and spear of destiny in a total conversion?

YES!!!!!! click below to check it out!



doom date 20.7511 (july 4, 2014)


what else would i be doing on the 4th of july besides looking for some 20 year old doom goodness to review? :-)

I give you, runaway, from june 1994

click on the pic, man!



doom date 20.7508 (July 1, 2014)


Today I bring you what I like to call "a tale of two reviews), a review of "they pr boom maps" by myself and zorah. Enjoy!

Click on the pic to download!



doom date 20.7496 (june 19, 2014)


Blue paladin chimes in today with his review of visions of eternity! enjoy - click on the pic!



doom date 20.7495 (june 18, 2014)



Some quick thoughts on wolfenstein - the new order. this is not intended to be a comprehensive review, just some quick thoughts on the game.

 can someone please come up with something new? i mean, really. it's just another fps for god sakes. it doesn't offer anything groundbreaking in terms of gameplay. it's very linear and i hate walking up to a door only to find out that i can't open the damn thing! at least let me open it to see a deadly fall through a bomb blasted wall or hit me with some sort of surprise! just seeing a circle with a red line through it is stupid!

can i just pick up ammo as i go over it? do I need a little popup to tell me when there is ammo/health/whatever available? speaking of which, I'm playing on "death incarnate" i find myself with more than enough of everything i need - health, check - ammo, check - in fact - so much goddam ammo that i should be able to collect it and  sell it to my fellow soldiers for a few extra bucks! same for health. i should be running low on both all the time, don't you think?


and, while i am enjoying the game, (who doesn't enjoy wiping out nazis?), the ai is, um, not very good. i ran through this one section because i was under heavy fire and got nailed several times and they never even followed me. ??? like i said, isn't it time that games moved on to the next generation? those nazi bastards should have been hounding me after i bolted past them. i want something new and exciting! ya - i love the old style run and gun type fps but in this day and age i want something more - and i don't mean more freaking cut scenes! i'm no game developer but i would have to think that with the technology available today that we could get a sandbox fps that challenges us, adds something new to the genre and essentially breaks some new ground in terms of ai and the environment - shouldn't glass like shatter when you shoot it? Shouldn't boxes explode if you drop a grenade on them? Aren't we there yet? where are the realistic environments? This is 2014 for goodness sake!


you will probably enjoy the new wolfenstein, but you're not going to get something new and exciting based on what i've seen so far! so, i really don't know whether to be happy that it has an old style feel to it or disappointed that they couldn't keep that and still add something new to move the genre along. like i said - just making it so enemy soldiers follow you if you bolt past them would have been a great start!



doom date 20.7491 (June 14, 2014)


Big Woodchip provides some good challenge, at the cost of some detailing and some design choices that may make you want to mouth the words, "Dick move." It's worth checking out if you've got some free time this weekend.

Click on the pic for the review and download!



doomdate 20.7473 (May 27, 2014)


Blue palading comes to us today with a review of a 9 level mod replacement for doom 2 called magic walker! check it out by clicking on the screenshot!



doomdate 20.7468 (May 22, 2014)


zorah chimes in today with a review of a doom 3 map called "lost facility". while he didn't seem overly impressed with the difficulty (he's a very good player), he really seemed to enjoy the map design itself. click on the pic to check it out.



doomdate 20.7463 (may 17, 2014)


Today, i decided to give a 20 year old map a proper review (there were no review sites in 1994). this map was created while doom was still in it's infancy!

To that end, I reviewed "petkillr" which is a really well done map and worthy of the miniscule amount of space it will take up on your hard drive! click the pic to download!



doomdate 20.7458 (May 12, 2014)


Zorah sent in this review of a 32 level megawad called "Countdown to Extinction".

Judging by the review, this is a mixed bag of puzzles and ridiculous difficulty that he didn't really find appealing but... check it out for yourself and YOU be the judge.

click the pic for the review and download




doomdate 20.7456 (may 10, 2014)


i spent some quality time last night getting intimate with this doom 3 total conversion that goes by the name "fragging free" which is an absolutely stunning single player total conversion. a definite must play for roe! click the pic to check it out!




doomdate 20.7449 (May 9, 2014)


zorah brings us another review, this time of a doom 3 map called "demon genes". Click on the pic to check it out!



doomdate 20.7448 (May 8, 2014)


Zorah chimes in today with his review of Double impact - a must play according to his review! So check it out. click on the pic!




doomdate 20.7447 (May 7, 2014)


Seb sends us this review of plutonium winds!

better strap on a set - you're gonna need em!

click on the pic to download!




Doomdate 20.7441


Blue paladin sends in this review of a doom 2 wad entitled occult library.

Enjoy! Click on the pic to go to the review



doomdate 20.7440


doomwadstation's new domain hits 5000 visits (this month)


So, thanks to everyone who visited the site in April. We hit 5000 unique visitors at 6:47:14 this evening. Considering that the new website has only been online for 3 months, that is awesome!


doomdate 20.7437 (april 27, 2014)


Zorah sends in this review of an innocuously named file called e2mwalter. he gave it high grades for even play and awesome design in the vein of shores of hell. click on the pic to check it out!



doomdate 20.7432 (april 22, 2014)


Dr. Von Loon was good enough to provide this graphics only mod for doom and doom 2 to me as a doom wad station exclusive. :-)  plug it in with your favorite map and loosen up - dude -    click on the pic!



doomdate 20.7429 (April 19, 2014)


Blue paladin gave this 15 level doom 2 wad high marks - a set of maps that Harkin back to the golden days of doom2

Click on the pic to go to the review and download!



doomdate 20.7423 (April 13, 2014)


Zorah says this is a dark and eery experience that you don't want to miss. As a trusted reviewer, I would heed his advice and download this map!



Doomdate 20.7415 (april 5, 2014)


My first 2014 review of a weapons mod wich is so much more - weapons, creature modifications and character classes to enhance your dooming experience. reviewed using the zdoom engine with my map mitnal! Enjoy!





Doomdate 20.7415 (April 5, 2014)


Blue Paladin's review of Escalation 1: The Breach



doomdate 20.7415 (April 5, 2014)


Nebula 95 - reviewed by Sematary



Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine



doomdate 20.7402 (March 23, 2014)


Zorah comes through with yet another excellent review, this time fr a map called Escalation II: Centurion Night! He says it is a must play! Click the pic to check it out!



doomdate 20.7396 (March 17, 2014)


Zorah provided us with a new review of two maps by the same author - UAC Training facility and Class section D. Click on the pic to check it out!


Screenshot from UAC Training Facility


doomdate 20.7394 (March 15, 2014)








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