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Site news!

doomdate 20.7429 (April 19, 2014)


Blue paladin gave this 15 level doom 2 wad high marks - a set of maps that Harkin back to the golden days of doom2

Click on the pic to go to the review and download!



doomdate 20.7423 (April 13, 2014)


Zorah says this is a dark and eery experience that you don't want to miss. As a trusted reviewer, I would heed his advice and download this map!



Doomdate 20.7415 (april 5, 2014)


My first 2014 review of a weapons mod wich is so much more - weapons, creature modifications and character classes to enhance your dooming experience. reviewed using the zdoom engine with my map mitnal! Enjoy!





Doomdate 20.7415 (April 5, 2014)


Blue Paladin's review of Escalation 1: The Breach



doomdate 20.7415 (April 5, 2014)


Nebula 95 - reviewed by Sematary



Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine



doomdate 20.7402 (March 23, 2014)


Zorah comes through with yet another excellent review, this time fr a map called Escalation II: Centurion Night! He says it is a must play! Click the pic to check it out!



doomdate 20.7396 (March 17, 2014)


Zorah provided us with a new review of two maps by the same author - UAC Training facility and Class section D. Click on the pic to check it out!


Screenshot from UAC Training Facility


doomdate 20.7394 (March 15, 2014)


Marbellous apparently kicked Blue Paladin's butt tocks and judging from the pics, it looks pretty good too! Click on the pic to download!


Screenshot from Marbellous - a wad for Doom 2


doomdate 20.7393


Certain Death Doom Wad for Original Doom. Click the pic!


Screenpic from Certain Death Doom Wad


Doomdate 20.7391


Just completed a review of a Doom 2 map called

 "Blood summons". Yes, lots of blood in it. :-)


Opening scene from Blood summons



Doomdate 20.7389 aka march 10, 2014


Thanks to SEB and ZORAH we have two new reviews to bring you today. the first is a doom / ultimate doom map called "Termination". the second map, reviewed by seb (who apparently enjoys really difficult gameplay) is called hardweps, a doom 2 map. check them both out! :-)


doomdate 20.7387 aka Mar 8, 2014.

I have to admit - I'm somewhat astonished by the number of levels I've received for review that are for Doom and not Doom 2. The last two, in fact, are both for Final Doom, TNT - Evolution. This one, reviewed by Blue Paladin, is titled - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Enjoy!

It was a dark and stormy night


doomdate 20.7386 aka Mar 7, 2014

I had the absolute pleasure of reviewing a map for Final Doom called The Temple today. Well done, I must say. If you have Final Doom on your HD or on a cd somewhere collecting dust, pull it out and give The Temple a go!

Screenshot from "The Temple"


doomdate 20.7385 aka Mar 6, 2014

While searching for Total Conversion projects for Doom3, I came across this project based on the movie Prometheus. 22 levels, Awesome graphics. ALOT of time went into this! Check it out! Click on the pic!

Also - reviewed a Doom 2 wad called Golachab. Check it out here!

Screenshot from Prometheus Doom 3 Total Conversion




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