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Betalabs for Doom!







Title : Beta Labs
Release date : 17.02.2015
Author : Serious_MOod, Chaingunner
Email Address : wdsa562@gmail.com, Doomwadmaker@gmail.com
Other Files By Author : Serious_MOod: Dark Side of Deimos
Chaingunner: Doom 2 Crashed, A.L.T. MAP17-18,
Mayhem 2048 MAP02.
Misc. Author Info : Doomers from Russia.

Description : 9 Alpha inprished levels for Ultimate Doom.











Difficulty:  6


I played through the first couple of maps and into the 3rd. There definitely were some difficult moments but overall I didn't find the map to be the kind that makes you rage at your machine and shout some not so nice verbage out into the open air. I was caught off guard a bit by a couple of traps that the author laid out but once I got the hang of how this guy was operating, I was pretty much able to figure out where traps might likely be and defend myself accordingly. Players of average ability may find themselves having a difficult time in these maps but if you have above average skills, you might just get bored.

Playability:  6
This sort of goes in line with the difficulty of the maps. If they had been somewhat more difficult then I may have been more intrigued and like a good book, or a movie, you need to grab your audience early on with what you're doing. I never really got that with these maps. I went back in, in fact to continue on and just didn't really care. Some maps or sets of maps are so intriguing that you just can't stop playing. This isn't one of them. Not that it's bad - it's just not REALLY good - just good.

Design:  8
Unquestionably, the highlight of the maps for me. Whle the author didn't offer anything new in the way he designed his maps - he did everything well - really well in fact. I really appreciated that I actually FELT like I was in a Doom map - the Design, the quality use of the original textures, the attention to detail - really top notch. If the gameplay had been as intriguing and interesting as the architecture, this set of maps would definitely be looking at a much higher overall score

Overall:  6.5

I really liked the layout and the design of the map. The author has an intricate sense of how to create a Doom map that is visually appealing and makes the entire set of maps feel like Doom. And, he managed to do this with some new weapon mods, some new sprites and a new HUD - so well done there.


I hate switches - especially lots of switches. I felt they were a little overused in these. The gameplay could definitely have been more exciting but again - not bad, just not REALLY good.




9 well made levels for Doom on any port, replacing Knee Deep in the Dead and utilizing a new hud, some new sprites, and revamped weapons.





















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