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Contamination Zone By Warlord from the Leechpit

 for original Doom





Title : Contamination Zone
Filename : Czone.zip
Author :

WarLord from the LeechPit


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There were some nice little surprises in store for me as I played this level and battling head to head with a Baron is always a blast but the design of the level actually made my job easier as did allowing the creatures to annihilate one another given the opportunity. I strafed in close quarters and managed to dispatch most of the menagerie in fairly short order. There was a fair amount of ammo and weaponry throughout and I only found myself getting seriously mauled on a couple of occasions. Keep in mind that I consider my playing skills to be above average so your experience will probably be different depending on your skill level. I also play on UV so that is a factor as well.

rating: 7



I thought much of what I encountered was somewhat predictable and the map definitely had an e1m1 feel to it as I moved through it's labrynthian hallways and maze of directions. It wasn't linear by any means which is a good thing and there were some nice spots where I was caught a little off guard. It's one of those maps where once you've played it through you will probably be able to speedrun through it the next time.




As I mentioned before, this has a definite e1m1 type feel to it. There is not alot of detail in the architecture and pretty basic lighting functions are used to create the atmosphere which is a little dark and creepy at times. The best part of the design is that there is a fair amount of acreage to cover and you can lost trying to find yourself back to something that you saw before and need to get to now. Overall, it is a fairly decent design which at times is intent on trapping the player into tight quarters with a creature or two that you might not WANT to be in close quarters with.




How much enjoyment you derive from this map will depend on your skill level. I recommend it for average to below average skill players on UV. I'd recommend nightmare but since you need to crisscross the map several times to obtain your objectives, it's not really suited to that. This is a decent, if slightly unremarkable map that should provide some entertainment for a short time.

Overall: 7







































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