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Certain death

for original Doom!






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Title : Certain Death
Filename : CerDeath.wad
Release date : 16/05/2013
Author : Serge Jaeken
Email Address :

Description : Two small maps set on a Hell-infested planet
called Tromos.



Certain Death














Difficulty: Yawn


Here are more maps which could have been better if they were made for Doom 2. Seriously people! I understand the appeal of Doom's episodic structure, atmosphere and storyline but you are just limiting your own creativity by not having access to any of the Doom 2 enemies. We see a few of the usual suspects with the occasional Cacodemon or Baron, but the lack of tougher enemies from Doom 2, which could have featured here, make the maps far too easy. I didn't die once or have to retry anything, nor was I ever on the brink of death for too long. The only hard part was the first few minutes when you're low on ammo and have to be a bit careful to avoid running out of shells. Not much else to say here!


Design: 8


Both maps are atmospheric and really nice looking. We have caves as well as the temple theme which go well together and give the impression of an old abandoned location. Dark lighting adds to this and makes the whole thing feel quite spooky. Some great 3D layering is used with the vine textures placed in front of walls to add depth, so a fair amount of thought and effort has gone in there. I personally loved the exit room of Map 1, it looked fantastic! As they are so small, both maps are easy to navigate and you won't get lost or find yourself striving to get the next key through endless mazes, so that's a bonus for players who just want a bit of straightforward Dooming.


Playability: 7


Although short, the maps are fun to explore and the nice architecture makes it worth a shot. Immediately, the first map entices you to look around rather than forcing you down one path this sort of freedom is always appreciated. The maps play like real classic Doom maps but on a smaller scale, with few, well placed enemies. As already mentioned, were this a Doom 2 map, the same beautiful environments could have been filled with more sinister enemies instead which would have made them a lot more entertaining and challenging.


Overall: 7


A short review for some short maps. Don't expect your skills to be put to the test, but it's worth taking the time to appreciate the craftsmanship of the map design.













Again with the textures? ARGG




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