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Oct 15, 1999

Here are 3 new levels from wolfy for you to explore. Three of them, Bloody, Deadly and XXX are for Map01 - Doom2. As always, ultimately playable and enjoyable. Happy fragging.

Oct. 1, 1999

Here are 4(four) new wads from Wolfy. They are (for Doom2) - ANARCHY.ZIP(map01), Knights(map01) and for (Doom)- Infested(e1m1) and Purehell(e3m3). I checked out all 4 of these levels and as usual was very impressed. They are as well constructed and fun to play as all of his levels. Download them now.

Sept 24, 1999

     Here is the newest (oldest?) wad sent to me by Wolfy. It's called Demonic and you are going to love this. Awesome attention to detail, difficulty and much more. It's hard to believe this is his first wad ever! Place this in your Doom directory and start getting your butt kicked.

Sept 9, 1999

This is Wolfy's latest (and greatest) level yet, CRUSHER!!. You won't want to miss this one. Click on the link and download this must have level that replaces map01 in Doom2. You WILL be impressed! It is filled with interesting architecture, plenty of bad guys, and more death threats than you can shake a double barreled shotgun at.


Because Wolfy has sent me so many of his wads I have decided to create this page to hold his work. If you have seen any of his other levels you know that he does an excellent job with interesting architectural design and smooth gameplay. Check out this first level on this page called 9thfloor, it can get somewhat confusing but it is excellent to play. Click on the pic to download.


Here are the two newest wads sent to me by wolfy. They are quite excellent and as is the case with all of his levels they are excellent to play. Enjoy!

Deathrow.zip   Dethexit.zip

I received this one from wolfy a couple of days ago. As it happens it has the same name as one of my wads but it's not the same. Check it out.

Blackout   05/29/99

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