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darklite, by Kevin Eudy.

A wad for Ultimate Doom.







Title : Darklite
Date Finished : Unknown
Author : Kevin Eudy



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On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the hardest, Iíd give this one a 4.8 On any setting, this wad can be played thru with only one weapon, and no save files created. I played thru with the shotgun , and one save. I save a file anyway for precaution in case I screw something up in the level and have to go back. But, itís more like the original Doom with the monsters predictably staged in little privies, and dark corners. I detected cul-de-sac traps before they were sprung and saved a lot of ammo and hit points a few times. Donít get me wrong, this was a nice level, but a little too predictable with the attacks.

rating: 4.8




Darklite is a non-linear, spacious level with the monsters spread out and grouped in certain areas. That made the combat too easy and the traps predictable. This could be one for the dusty archive file on your hard drive. I was surprised once or twice, but thatís it. This is average at best.





Now this area gets a higher score because the author made good use of the original textures and did up some very nice structuring. For the way the monsters were set up, I would have shot for a tighter, shorter level to balance things out. In the original Doom, there arenít as many high-powered enemies to go around so the author can afford to slap some heavy numbers on the player to make him work his way thru. So, with that in mindÖ

Design: 8




This is a fairly decent level and can get a guy a little riled if he has never fragged an Imp before. But if youíre an experienced player, this is nothing more than an appetizer, teasing you into wanting the main course; this simply wasnít too satisfying


Overall: 6.5















































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