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No Hope for life multilevel Project

for Doom and Ultimate Doom 






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I can tell you that I never got bored. There was always something around to fight and I didn't have long lags looking for some well hidden secret that left me frustrated and hunting for an answer with no baddies to mess with for half an hour. I mostly ran into former humans, sargents, Imps and demons and that was plenty as I worked my way through the first level into the second. It was hard enough to keep me on my toes and maybe even get a little paranoid as every time I made a move I expected a wall to open up and pour out even more of the badasses on my poor marine ass. Loved it! The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is I thought it could possibly have used one really tough badass to mess with before you got to exit level 1, but it wasn't truly necessary or anything - just something I would have liked to have seen.


rating: 9




I played through the first map and into the second before beginning this review and I have to tell you - this team has thought this through. From what I saw the levels flowed together well with items, switches, etc... being meaningful as opposed to just strewn about the level because the author(s) didn't know what to do with them but wanted to have them in anyway. Excellent work here - you won't be disappointed!






This kind of fits in with what I was talking about in the playability. The levels are well put together with everything seemingly thought out ahead of time so that it all goes together well. There is plenty of detail, great use of shadow and light as well as texture work. I was quite impressed.






It doesn't get much better than this. I don't get many original Doom - Ultimate Doom wads to review any more but I'm glad I got to check this one out. I've been playing Doom since its initial release as a shareware demo and this set of levels made me a little homesick for the original DOOM that I played when it first came out. These all-new original levels are as good as or better than the original levels put out by ID and if you've been playing for a long time it will definitely bring you back. Great work but still missing two levels for a complete episode. Don't forget to check out the "No Hope For Life" website to find out more about this project and if you have skills - maybe help them get it finished. This download is missing E1M4 and E1M6 of the 9 level set. Just play and enjoy!


Overall: 9.8


























































































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