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Runaway for original doom 1994






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Title : (runaway.wad and .txt)
Author : Eric C. Reuter
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : Slightly demented system administrator
who enjoys visualizing certain users and
co-workers being turned into piles of goo.

Description : Named not for any particular theme, more for
the fact that once I started designing this
level, I just kind of ran away with sector
creation, and presto....runaway.wad. Has
copious weaponry, but still may be pretty
hard in UV. Not bad for deathmatch, but
kind of spread out. Lots of different textures
lighting and room environments, a few tricks
and secrets and poetic liscence stolen
unabashedly from id's original levels.
Additional Credits to : Geoff Allan for Doom Editor - The Real Thing
(de_260b2 and b4)
id Software (of course)
Jim Purdon, Walt Woerner, Theresa Reuter

* Play Information *

Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Demos : No

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch.
Build Time : Approx 25 Hours over 3.5 weeks.
Editor(s) Used : Doom Editor - The Real Thing (for windows)
by Geoff Allan V 2.60b2 and 2.60b4.



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Runaway is a relatively largish map created on June 30, 1994. This is my 2nd review of a map from that first year of user created maps for doom. i must be on a hot streak of sorts because this is the 2nd in a row, as well, that i really enjoyed.


up front: in order to increase the difficulty of play, i removed all the stuff that makes playing maps "easier" - disabled strafing, jumping, crouching - all of it - really missed strafing - lol. i also had another rule - no saves, no matter what. i did manage to pull that one off. :-)


oh - played on uv - so here we go with the review

Difficulty: 5

Not so difficult, even on uv. lots of health/ammo laying around and for some reason the author felt a need to include a plasma gun (which I never needed) and a rocket launcher, which I did use but only because i had it - not necessarily because i needed it. the time for it's use came during a battle with two hellknights - ok i might have needed it. but i'm pretty sure i could have gotten them with the shotgun - i had plenty of ammo for it. :-)

if you're looking for a challenge - try it on nightmare. i think it's doable. :-)

although, those two hellknights might get you (maybe not)

Design: 7

at first, i was thinking, this is kind of bland (and it was) and in some sections it remained so but the over all design was well crafted and there were some nice looking areas. i had some difficulty finding the "secret" that would get me to the yellow key but i think if i had spent more time actually paying attention, i might have found it more quickly. overall, it was a good design - rather largish map with lots of different looks to it - nothing in the form of nasty traps or anything, not even after grabbing keys  (which was sort of a disappointment). honestly, it was far better designed than some of the more "modern" maps i've seen this year so... hey, enjoy

Playability: 6

it was a fun map overall even though i had some down time  while trying to ascertain the manner in which i was going to find the yellow key and i think it's one of those that once you've seen it, you could really do a speed run through this thing - making it worth playing again. :-)

Overall (Not an Average): 7

Give mr. reuter a hand for a job well done. this map was made in the first year when people actually could make custom maps and far outclassed many of the maps that were thrown into the doomzone cd all those many years ago, and he did it with archaic tools that would cause modern map creators to have a stroke just trying to figure out how to use it. so good job














































































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