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Zwads for original DOOM





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Title : wads_1.ZIP
Filenames : H220WOOD.WAD

Author : Simo Malinen
Email Address : malines@iobox.fi

Description : Single levels. In some cases there is
not enough ammonition to destroy all
cyberdemons. You just have to live with them.


Title : wads_2.ZIP
Filenames : S093UFO.WAD

Author : Simo Malinen


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A small note here - this is a collection of 11 wads by Simo Malinen. I played one of them called ze09dam.wad (don't ask me where the names come from). Anyway - Here's the review. This wad offered more than enough challenge to keep me interested. With plenty of lifts and switches which brought me to the bad guys in a level which had me thoroughly turned around and not knowing exactly where I was at any moment. Needless to say, I had to stay on my toes and use all my skills to survive this level, saving often just in case. It wasn't so difficult that I got frustrated and quit but it was difficult enough on ultra-violence that I never got bored and had to be watching every corner.


rating: 9




Again, this wad earned high marks. The whole level flowed together but I wasn't led by the nose from point A to point B to point C.






I also have to pass high marks along on this as well. The author used lighting well and added plenty of little details which made this a very visually pleasing wad to play. My only gripe in the entire thing which I quickly got over was the fact that there were many places which I couldn't go to because it wasn't meant to be but the author didn't design the level in such a way that it made sense for me not to be there. If there had been a short wall or some other structure which prevented me from going to certain places as opposed to simply making the line uncrossable I would have been much happier. Fortunately the level is good enough that I quickly disregarded this one small problem and progressed through to the end.

Design: 7




Aside from a couple of small things that didn't really add up to much - like the above mentioned problem with inaccessible areas of the map - I thoroughly enjoyed playing this level and have to believe that the other levels included in the zip file are equally as much fun to play.


























































































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