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PTR_V40 or (Lost Episodes Of Doom)

by Christen Klie & Robert Carter

for Maps E1M1-E3M1 for Ult. Doom







Title : Lost Episodes Of Doom
Filename : JPTR_V40.WAD
Release date : 09/12/94
Authors : Christen Klie

and Robert Carter

Description :

 3 episode replacement for DooM



Download Jptr_v40.zip


















These maps were not very hard at all. There were a few times when one could get caught in a snag, but even on UV, I was able to fight thru the maps with just the combat shotgun, leaving the more powerful weapons behind. A seasoned Doomer could get bored with this one easy. This would be a good wad for a beginner or novice to cut their teeth on. Iím not saying that this was not a good map(s), but it was lacking somewhat in the action department!

rating: 7




With the original beasties and weapons, a meager spattering of health provisions, and lots of hide-a-ways for the baddies to chill out in until zero hour, this was still fun to work thru. There are a couple of secrets here and there; the one in the storage room with all the platforms holding the goodies got me! Iím going back to figure it out. The action, as Iíve said, was lacking. It was too easy.






The Lost Episodes are just that. They are traditional style levels molded after the original E1 maps of Ultimate Doom. There was nothing spectacular about the designs, but everything was metered pretty well, and the structuring was cool.





This was a nice excursion into the past. It was nostalgic if not too challenging. Still, itís a decent wad; much like the Giant Swing ride at Great America. Itís not too exciting, but it gets the gear dry after a dump in the water rides.

Overall: 8


















































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