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Hydroponics Lab by Eric Buck for Doom

 Map E1M5






Title : Hydroponics Lab

Creator: Eric W. Buck

Level: map E1M1 of Ultimate Doom

Editor: DeePsea V.11.75

Compatablity: All ports (so far)


Download Hydroponics Lab


















I'll be honest, this one is tough for me since Eric was in contact with me and asking for my assistance right from the get go so judging the difficulty is a little tough for me but I'll give it a shot. I think for the average Ultra Violence player with decent skills that MOST of the map should be interesting but probably not incredibly challenging. However, there are areas where you WILL get surprised and I made a strategic error at the end that made the ending more difficult than it maybe should have been. Anyway - it took me a bunch of times to finish the end. On UV you may or may not find this a difficult map depending on your skill level. I found parts of it difficult but not all of it. Kudos on the ending tho - very nice.






The terrain varied enough and there were enough creatures and enough secrets to keep the level interesting. There is one switch which you could go right by and not see until a return trip through the same area. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what most of the switches in the level did but I'm sure if I hadn't used them I would have gotten stuck and in fact, a couple of them that I do know what they did made exiting the level possible so I guess thats pretty important, huh? lol - Anyway - it played well. I enjoyed myself and that is the final measure of any wad






Considering this is his first map I think it came out pretty good. I saw the first map he attempted to create and this one is definitely far superior to that. There are still some small items that could have used some tweaking but for the most part it was nicely designed, no HOM's, lots of different looks and enough detail to keep it interesting






This is for the most part a fairly straight forward map with some nice little surprises to screw the player up and a solid design and decent gameplay. Nuff said....


Overall: 7.3

























































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