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Cheese wad for original DOOM





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Title : Satan's Hell Hole
Filename : CHEESE.WAD
Author : Matthew G. Hooper
Email Address : JunePie@AOL.COM or MGH4573@usl.edu

Description : This is my third and what I think is
my best Wad. Plenty of graphics changes
as well as a nice layout for all modes.
Single or Multi Player.

The other Wads I've done were made
with only single players in mind. I've
taken the time to add all the things I
like in a good Deathmatch Wad as well as
keeping it interesting for single players.
You'll find lots of windows, hiding places,
and fair deathmatch starts. I recommend
Deathmatch with no monsters. When I first
tested it in Deathmatch mode I feared the
size(Huge) would make Deathmatch frustrating
but it worked out fine. We averaged about
a Frag every 1.5 mins to 2 mins which isn't bad

There is an aggrevating transporter puzzle
which will frustrate many. If you use your
mind(it's a terrible thing to waste) it can be
easily solved. Or just keep transporting until
you see the transporter with the Blue Armor.

I finished the Level with no problems in
about 21 mins. Of course it's not going to be
nearly that easy for you because I made it.
Use the save early and often.

Well enjoy the Wad and send comments so I
can make better Wads in the future.

















Considering the size of this wad (HUGE), the monsters were spread fairly thin and I thought in very predictable spots. If you consider yourself a Doom God then this level isn't for you if you want single player action (unless you have the monsters respawn constantly - nitemare difficulty). I played much of the level with one hand while holding my baby and still had no problem. -


rating: 3




This wad is definitely better suited to Deathmatch more than anything else. While still enjoyable to play more for the new graphics and the excellent level design, it is not the most challenging single player wad you will find but it is fun to play in either case.






The level design here is quite good. While you will not see anything in this level that will make you go - WOW - beyond some of the very cool graphics, the design is very nice and deserved of attention. I recommend this level simply because it looks cool and makes a great deathmatch level.


Design: 6




Due to the lack of difficulty I can't give this level my highest rating but because of the new graphics and the design I can still give it a decent rating.


Overall: 5















































































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