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E2MWalter for doom and ultimate doom






Title : E2MWalter
Filename :
Release date : 15/04/2014
Author : James "Phobus" Cresswell
Email Address :








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E2MWalter by James "Phobus" Cresswell is a single E2M1 map for Doom/Ultimate Doom. This map has "Classic" written all over it. But let's get to the review.

Difficulty: 5

Let me get one thing straight. This is more of a balance score than anything else. It's not too hard, and it's not too difficult. It falls squarely in the middle as a balanced experience. Fights never feel too unfair, and there's plenty of ammo and weapons to go around. If you screwed up and took some ball lightning to the face, that's your own fault. Enemies are well-placed throughout, and it should bring back some classic memories of shooting Imps off crates.

Toward the end of the map, there's a battle with a Cyberdemon and two Barons in a dark, enclosed area. But, rather than taking them on like that, I found it easier to coax them into infighting, then escape when the exit is open.

Design: 9

This is where the map really shines. It embraces that Shores of Hell feel so well, perfectly themed for the map it replaces. Even the start of the map feels quite familiar to taking your first steps into Deimos Anomaly. Heck, take a look at the screenshots and see for yourself.

The layout of the map is somewhat non-linear in nature, so there's plenty of room to run around and find things. Finding keys never feels like too much of a hassle, and there are multiple ways of proceeding through the map.

Playability: 10

Easily accessible from the start and providing fair and balanced gameplay, E2MWalter immediately lets you grab a weapon and get to killing, setting the pace for the map. You should have no problem booting this up and immediately having fun with it.

Overall (Not an average): 9

If you're looking for a new map this weekend with a classic feel and just the right balance of gameplay, give this a shot. Hell, I had fun romping around this one. Go ahead and grab it, you won't be disappointed..



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