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Power Plant Deathmatch for Doom2



Well, this was my first (and as it turned out - my last) Deathmatch level which is actually designed only for deathmatch. I think it came out pretty good. This is going to be the base for level 4 of Descent Into Hell but because this version doesn't work with Jdoom I am going back to an earlier version of this map to continue on with the sp version. Anyway - It works with Zdoom and Zdoomgl, Legacy, Prboom but doesn't work with Jdoom or Vavoom. Don't know why. Also won't work with the Vanilla Doom2 executable but who cares. I have playtested it on my LAN with Legacy and If you would like to play it on Zdaemon - I will be setting up a server there with this map. :-) - Just look for the Doom Wad Station Deathmatch Server.



Screenpic from Power Plant Deathmatch for Doom2

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