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Plutonium Winds for Plutonia Wad






Title : Plutonium Winds
Filename :
Release date : 11.01.13
Author : darkreaver aka Christian Lian
Email Address :


7 maps for Plutonia.wad maps 12-18

map12: "Sacrificial"

map13: "Infestation of Evil"

map14: "Deadly Intentions"

map15: "Memories of Blood"

map16: "Salvation By Extermination"

map17: "Diabolism"

map18: "Abigor"




Sebastian Stungo




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Plutonia Winds by Christian Lian


Reviewer: Seb


Difficulty: Straight-Up Anal Annihilation


Make yourself an Irish coffee or three before tackling this one; you're going to need them. Plutonia Winds, in traditional Plutonia fashion, likes nothing more than to bombard you with Commandos, Arch-Viles and Revenants until you're cowering like a pathetic wretch in the corner of the room just wishing it would all go away. I was never a huge fan of Plutonia to begin with, as I prefer a good pacing of exploration and progression compared to constant Serious Sam style carnage and onslaught. That said, the difficulty is not stupid. The maps are beatable with a lot of determination, but don't expect to breeze through them after only a few attempts. Admittedly I am slightly out of practise as I haven't played Doom for a while, and have instead been consumed by the even greater evil that is Disgaea. In short, if you enjoy mowing down a gratuitous quantity of enemies, or if you're just a masochist, this is the wad for you.


Design: 7


Considering the build time of this wad, the design is impressive. However, the quality does vary; some maps look a lot nicer than others. Also, some areas don't seem to tie in with other areas on the same map, which is a bit jarring. Perhaps that's the point? Maybe it makes those monster traps all the more terrifying. The entrance to Map 15 however is stunning, and further great design follows. The maps are linear and lack a sense of exploration, but this is down to the overall style of the wad.


Playability: 6


This is a personal score. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not the biggest fan of massive kill-fest type maps, so others might rate it higher. Map 13 did nothing but irritate me until I finally got out of the Revenant infested pit at the start. However, there are some satisfying sections, particularly the ones with large open spaces that allow you to put those circle strafing skills to the test and lasso those demons with a barrage of rockets or plasma. I would have liked to see some progression, with smaller fights building up to the dramatic ones to make them feel more significant, but as the maps are designed to be played individually (at least, I assume they are by the way you get blown up at the end of each level), no punches are pulled.


Overall: 7


As I've already said: great set of maps for people who like crazy difficulty and a ton of hellspawn, but those seeking more traditional Dooming should probably avoid.





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