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Imp Factory by Devin Bernats






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The title, right off, should tell you what you will be facing in this wad. Tons o' imps. There are a few other creatures sprinkled into the level but only a few. I found, as an experienced player that the level wasn't incredibly challenging. I had plenty of ammo and health for pretty much every situation but a less experienced player might find himself in a little bit of hot water in this wad. I recommend this for the less experienced doom player who is still trying to find out how best to deal with certain situations.


rating: 5




This is a tough one. The level went together well as far as how everything kind of worked towards a goal at the end and there was a constant supply of badasses to blow away so that was cool. On the other hand there were no challenges created by the author in the level itself so... go back to the difficulty rating on this one....not bad - could have been better.






There were many instances of textures being misaligned or textures simply being out of place but nothing major - just a little noticeable. The author needs to focus on door width when putting in doors so that the texture matches the size of the door. Misaligned textures happen to almost everyone and there not that big a deal in my book. As I said above - the level itself didn't really offer much of a challenge and I didn't even really need to think to find the keys, they just sort of were there as I progressed through the level and I actually found the red key before I realized I was going to need it. Still - I had fun blowing away the bad guys in this one and that's what counts and I didn't find any actual problems with the level itself (HOM's, etc...)


Design: 5




While not one of the best levels I've ever played, it's not even close to the worst. I think, given more experience, the author could be an excellent wad designer.




Designed for level 6 of Inferno (original Doom, Episode 3). Enjoy!!


























































































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