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Author : Robert Dutton Esq.
Email Address:

Misc. Author Info: Enjoy.

Description: A well laid out single / multiplayer level
with extra attention paid to textures, alignment
and other small details missed out in many other
A good time for triple 100% (UV) is about 15 minutes.



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Basically, I was looking at maps that were released on this date to the archives 20 years ago and I read the description and that was when I knew I had to p lay ti. Enjoy! I'ts hard to believe they coudl produce this stuff with the tools they had 20 years ago.

Difficulty: 7

This was actually Way more difficult than I was expecting. The author laid some nice traps and the level wa really well designed.. There is one room where the author used walk through walls that were see through on the opposite side (the side the bad asses could see you from). So, having them come through those walls (all unexpected like) was pretty cool and definitely boosted the difficulty level - as did the exit room which featured not only revenant and a shitload of other minions but an archvile as well - have fun with that!

Design: 9

This map absolutely beats the  living shit out of some of the stuff that people send me for review - so here's a tip - if your map isn't at least as well designed as this one, which was created with tools far more archaic than anything you need to use, then don't bother....


It was pretty quick but I had to use up some save slots to get through it and it was really an honestly fun map to play through. This would make a great speed map for someone who might  want to see if they can rip through it in like  5 minutes or less. (I think it can be done).

Overall (Not an Average): 8

Given the difficulty of mapping with tools that amount to stone age tools, this was an amazingly detailed and enjoyable map. I was constantly surprised by the traps laid by the author and the sheer depth of what he created. Enjoy! I love going back in time to visit the classics!


















































































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