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Rick Clark

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Christian Bradley

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Epidermis Emporium (404)

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Welcome to DooM GFX Resource
Looney Tune Doom

Thanks Doom Wad Station for the web space:
Doom Wad Station

This site contains:
Looney Tune Doom

DooM Solitaire

Custom Sprites, Textures, Flats and other Graphics
Future plans for MD2's

Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen

Special thanks to: Dark Nation, Doom_Dude, Rellik,
Monkey, CyberG, Planky, for all help testing pages, and your ideas.

Have a project? looking for new Graphics?
Just open the tray to the type of graphics your looking for.

Don't find what you looking for...
Post your request on the message board.
I can't possibly do them all,
so I'm hopping other artists will join in and help.

If you have your own work, and would like to add to this site.
Please post your request on the message board.
I will host any artist with quality work.
Must be for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, or Hexen
I will consider other 3D shooters in the future.

Meet Frankie, This is my Internet and DooM computer.

AMD 500mhz
128 133 sdram
10x100m NIC
Asus Mainboard
Removable 40 gig HDD
Sound Balster 64
Dimond Monster 3Dfx video accelerator
ATI 3D Rage Pro Video
19" Elements High Res Monitor


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