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Contest wads judged by John Romero for E1M1






These are levels that were created for a contest held by Newdoom and Judged by John Romero. It might also have been hosted by Doomcenter. I can't really remember now but I'm 80% certain it was Newdoom.com Anyway - each level is represented by the opening screenie so if you recognize it and know who built it or you think you were involved but not sure - get the download and see. If you were, send me an email and once I have all I'm going to get I'll create a text file for it.

After some hints from a couple of folks on Doomworld forums I was able to locate the origina pages on DOOMCENTER which have all the author info. I will work on a text file based on those pages. :-)
















Screenie from e1m1   


Screenie from e1m5  


 Screenie from e1m6

Screenie from e1m7   


Screenie from e2m2   

Screenie from e2m4   

































































Screenie from e1m2


Screenie from e1m4



Screenie from e1m3



Screenie from e2m1


Screenie from e1m9


Screenie from e1m8


Screenie from e2m3


Screenie from e2m5


Screenie from e2m6





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