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Death is Just the Beginning








SP doom (map 1)


Designed for Ultimate Doom levels E1M1 Thru E1M8. I used ZDoom v. 2.0.  Do not play this with WinDoom as DJB has Hexen attributes. Use ZDoom or Risen3D, maybe even Legacy. 

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


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Overall - SCORE: 9.1

Very well made, with a few minor mistakes. These 8 levels will still whup up on ya so download this thang and come on with the SKILLZ!











DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating: 8.6

     This is a good fight from start to finish.  You will have a time trying to deal with the Ult. Doom baddies; the Barons were a real pain! There are a lot of dark areas that make it hard, if not impossible, to see.  Squeezing off a shot into the dark corners ahead of me saved my natural assets more than enough times.  There are more than enough ambush traps, teleport traps, and dead-ends to use up save slots.  SAVE a game before entering a new area or it's off to the Sweet By-and-By with ya!  I played this map on U.V.  It was more than enough to occupy my time for a couple of days!  Uber-Doomers will have some fun here...


Playability -  rating: 8.7      

     You will not catch everything in one play.  There may be some secrets that I missed and I played this in two days (some of you who have no life or an exorbitant amount of time will get this done in a few hours) so playing this one a few times will not cause a coma.  Get a brewski, some chippage, and frag away!


Level Design -  rating: 9.2

     Fun, fun, and more fun! This has very nice designing and flows well.  I noticed a couple of things like a door's side defs were unpegged and the MIDI file for E1M6 was all screwy.  No major detraction from the gameplay tho.  In one map, (I won't say which because it will GREATLY shorten the experience for you) the window that opens into the Blue Key switch room was not made "impassible" to the player so I was able to just hop on over the windowsill and activate the switch to access the level exit.  But, again, by that time, I had a major ball playing this 8-level wad so it detracted very little from the overall play.  The dark areas (and there a LOTS OF THEM) will make progress very tedious and PAINFUL as you can't them but the baddies can see you.  You WILL get killed by sniper fire FREQUENTLY so tread carefully.  All of the maps are pretty big so expect to spend a lot of time exploring, finding the keys and stuff.  Also, you will have to pick and choose you fights, ammo will run out quickly in this.  Honestly, this wad deserves a 10, but with the mistake of the key room I mentioned, I gotta be fair so....









































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