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Friday the 13th for doom II





Zorahs Reivew - see below for Eric's Review

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Friday The 13th: Jason's Doom

**This WAD is done purely for fun, none of the contributing parties have earn a monetary gain from this game modification.**

Author: Kontra Kommando

Game: Doom II

Source Port: UDMF

Year: 2014

Original concept, sprites, textures, and music from LJN's 1989 "Friday the 13th" for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Some spirtes taken from LJN's Jaws.

Additional song from Friday the 13th film series.

Sprite edits, texture edits, new sprites, new textures, and new objects by Kontra Kommando

Credits to additional modders:

Sergeant_Mark_IV's Univseral Gore Mod T4 was implemented into this WAD.


Submitted: Xim
Decorate: Xim
Sprites: Exhumed
Sounds: Unknown


Submitted: Ghastly_dragon
Decorate: Mechadon, TheShooter7
Sprites: ID Software, RoTT, Midway
Sounds: Id Software
Sprite Edit: Mechadon, TheShooter7
Idea Base: Quake 3 Team Arena Nailgun


Submitted: Xim
Decorate: Xaser, Xim
Sprites: 3D Realms, Edited by Xaser
Sounds: 3D Realms
Idea Base: Pipebombs from Duke Nukem 3D


Submitted: Evil Space Tomato
Decorate: Evil Space Tomato
GLDefs: None
Sounds: Heretic Modified by Evil Space Tomato
Sprites: Neoworm
Sprite Edit: Evil Space Tomato
ACS: None


Submitted: lolo_is_cool
Decorate: lolo_is_cool
Sprites: Monolith productions
Sounds: Monolith Productions
Idea Base: Flaregun from Blood


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zorah says:



Friday the 13th - Jason's Doom by Kontra Kommando is a single map replacement for GZDoom, and presumably ZDoom. Don't judge this one by the screenshots alone. I did, and was terribly mistaken.

Difficulty: 5

Despite my initial f*ck ups, I didn't find this map to be too terribly challenging. There's one enemy (you should know who, by now), he's got a ton of HP, he's fast, and can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time if you let him. There are plenty of weapons around to take him on, though. A crossbow, pipe bombs (Were these in the movie? I haven't seen it, so I don't know), a flare gun that does jack sh*t, and of course, the shotgun. With a little vigilance, some fancy footwork, and getting within stabbing distance, you should be able to make it through this map no problem.

I will admit, though, that I was surprised when I killed the bastard, and then he got back up.

Design: 10

You know, I think this is the first 10 I've ever given. Looking at the screenshots (well, rather, screenshot) when I was downloading this from ModDB, I wasn't impressed. A recreation of an old 8-bit game I've never played. Yawn.

Except, I was wrong. While I haven't played the original game, the layout was actually quite interesting. You're in an old house in the woods, with lots of nooks and crannies all over the building. Weapons are placed in locations so that you really need to hunt for them. Certain rooms in the building have a darkened blue hue to them, adding to the tension of the map.

Speaking of tension, Vorhees makes absolutely no sound. He makes no sound when he sees you, he makes no sound while he's idling. He could be anywhere, rushing up on you from behind. The dude even teleports around the building (presumably these are preset teleport linedefs and not something done dynamically). Right when you think you've got a little breathing room, there he is, running across your field of view.

The 8-bit, brightly colored graphics work surprisingly well. While I haven't used ZDoom to play this one, I'm assuming the diminishing lighting will wreack havoc with the game's color palette. Best stick to GZDoom on this one.

Playability: 9

I found this map to be quite easy to pick up and play. There's an interesting segment where you see Vorhees rushing the house from outside, and then he's in the building, rushing you. The map doesn't feel too unfair or rushed. Just remember, when you start the map, don't waste any time - start looking for weapons.

The reason I deduct a point here is because once you're done playing the map, it really doesn't have a whole lot of replay value.

Overall (Not an Average): 8

This was a very interesting mod. A welcome departure from the old, decrepit UAC facilities. I rate this one as a must-play. Give it a shot, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


One thought from me (sematary) - How have you never seen this movie? lol - and no, no pipe bombs in the movie. :-)

ah, the good old days of classic slasher films. i miss those days.


eric says:



Friday the 13th: Jason's Doom


by: Kontra Kommando


For: Doom II map 01


            This map is very short ( one level) but not sweet.  Jason Voorhees is back and he's on Doom!  The author took sprites and sounds from the NES Friday the 13th game, as well as sprites from Jaws for the NES.  So, you have a wad here with an 80s feel, the same 80s frustrating death, after death, after death. 


            You start in a house with typical icky 80s yellow paint, some darkened rooms, and a pea shooter...ok, the ol' pistolla.  But, that pistol will get very old, and very empty, quickly.  You see a shadow advancing on you from outside, then, POOF!  He's gone.  Jason can teleport!  The hunt is on as you scramble thru the house, looking for anything to put this S.O.B. out of his misery.  You WILL DIE FREQUENTLY.  Be warned.  There are other weapons available, even pipe bombs a la Duke Nukem, but ammo is scarce.  This is a run and gun; no standoffs here, else you'll be eviscerated like I did....multiple times.


            There is an outside area with lots of trees, but that's worse.  I messed up and got cornered by Jason in a space between the house and the trees.  I didn't last long after that. The best way to beat this map is to stay inside, using the rooms and walls to duck behind.  Jason teleports frequently and will always wind up behind you.  Keep moving. 


            This is one fun, frustrating wad.  Get it!!!!


final thought from me: sematary

Toughen up, buttercup. lol

not surprisingly, we have two considerably different views on the difficulty here from two seasoned players - i guess it all depends on how you play it. enjoy!





































































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