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October 29, 2014




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     "A wad made by Ruben Revised," a 17-map replacement for Doom II by Ruben Duarte, may be short, but is it sweet? Let's take a look at this replacement.


Review by Zorah



Design 6

    Not gonna lie, the maps in this pack are fairly basic in design, lacking the detail you may be used to seeing. The good news here is that the maps do progress in quality once you reach the later maps in the pack. There, while still lacking in detail, the maps do begin to show some interesting concepts.

In particular, I enjoyed the map that was a sort of tech-base merged with marble theme. That map showed some promise, but again, since the maps are quite short, this was no exception, so I didn't really get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked.




Difficulty: 5


     I didn't find this replacement too difficult at all, really. Enemy placement is somewhat predictable, and the enemy progression is fairly standard for what you might expect. Monster closets are all there, as well, but rarely contain anything that might give you a run for your money.

I will note, however, that on one of the maps, the author starts you off in a room with several chaingunners, while placing a Berserk pack on the player's starting position. This leaves you with no choice but to take down the chaingunners and accompanying grunts with your fist, since switching to another weapon takes too much damn time. I'm not gonna lie, I died on this spot constantly until I finally scraped through. Aside from that, this particular set won't challenge you much.

One of the main problems that keep these maps from receiving a higher difficulty score is essentially the size of them. These maps are really short, and often times the author will attempt to chuck a fair amount of baddies at you at the last possible minute to extend the gameplay, but more often than not, you can just dash right on by and hop into the exit.




Playability: 9


     I did notice some unpegging issues on the fifteenth map of this pack. Nothing game breaking, but it is mildly annoying to watch a door opening with the texture pegged incorrectly. Aside from that, no real problems to report on this one.




Overall: 6


     Really, this map pack is a mixed bag of quality. If nothing else, you can kill some time with this one. I do encourage the author to continue mapping, since he does have some nice ideas here and there.

Pick it up if you feel, just don't expect the highest in terms of quality here. If you must, I recommend booting this up with your favorite weapon or gameplay mod to spice it up.


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