The Wailing Horde for E2M1

October 3, 2014




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The Wailing Horde, an E2M1 replacement by Chris Hansen, is one hell of a fight. You're definitely gonna have to play this one.


Difficulty: 8

Initially, I was going to give this category a 9. This map is tough. Right off the bat, you'll need to take down several dozen mooks, nabbing a shotgun and making your ammo count last. There are a ton of baddies to take down, so you're going to have to prioritize on who needs to go down, and what you should avoid killing so you can save your ammo until you nab the chaingun. As for just how many baddies, try 423 on UV. This map's name is no misnomer.

Most of the difficulty I found is largely due to the amount of supplies around the facility. There's really not a whole lot there for you to recover your health toward the beginning, and with armor not exactly as plentiful as imps, you really start to feel every last hit you take. What I wouldn't give for a medikit, I said to myself. Running through green crud and fending off barons and cacodemons really gets to a guy. And then, there it was - In the next chamber, finally, a medikit! Without thinking twice, I nabbed that sumbitch up, only for a couple of cacodemons to hit me through one of the doorways...

RIP, medikit.

...Oh, and my face.


Fortunately, supplies become a bit more plentiful for the second half of the map, so the map really plateaus about when you pick up the red key. Barons and cacos might be strong, but let's face it, they're slow as balls.

Design: 10


The Wailing Horde really feels right at home with its Shores of Hell theme, the architecture meshing quite nicely with the texturing. There are a couple of nice concepts here and there, and the outdoor areas are actually quite fun to romp through. Just remember, since there's an abundance of green crud and blood pools, you're going to have to watch your step, since there's barely any relief in sight for you.

I'd also like to note that the maps are somewhat nonlinear. There are multiple routes to the next sector, and no clear way on beating this map. Just be patient and figure out what you haven't done yet, and keep an eye open for any switches you may have overlooked.

Playability: 10


Difficulty aside, I found the gameplay to be quite balanced, actually. Hansen never throws anything at you that you can't already handle once you've picked up the proper weapons. No bugs noticed at all. The music is also quite nice.


Overall: 9


Bottom line, The Wailing Horde is absolutely worth the download. Just make sure you pack an MRE, because you're gonna need a pick-me-up after every hit. And probably reconstructive surgery for your face when it inevitably gets melted off.














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