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1 really hard map for doom 2






Title : Golachab
Filename : Golachab.wad
Release date : 10/8/2013
Author : Cynical
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : None
Misc. Author Info : Nothing to say, really

Description : Golachab is a challenging single-player Doom 2
level (with difficulty levels supported for those
who want a casual playthrough), intended for Boom
compatible ports (tested in PrBoom+ complevel 9).
The main inspiration was the fight up the
hillside after the blue-key door in "Hillside
Siege" from Alien Vendetta, and the start was
inspired by some of the fast starts in Surge and
some of Joshy's maps from Speed of Doom's second
episode. Even though I've been screwing around
with level editors for various FPS games for a
decade now (mostly Unreal and Doom), this is the
first time I've ever made something I felt was
good enough to actually finish and publicly
release; hopefully it's more enjoyable than most
first maps!


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    I didn't even bother giving this a numerical rating. I've given up  even trying. Is it like the new thing to make maps that are just absolutely ridiculously difficult? I tried on ultraviolence but was immediately - i mean - immedately - surrounded by countless revenants and mancubuses. I was literally dead in like 0.4 seconds. after the 2nd go round of the same shit - i gave up. i ended up playing the map on hurt me plenty and even that was ridiculous but i made it pretty far in the map. i finally called it quits after i nailed the cyberdemon, opened the blue entryway and immediately found myself face to face with more Arch-viles than I could count and despite non-stop plasma fire at them, i lost several times in a row. so i quit. To put it in perspective, i played all of knee deep in the dead yesterday (all of  it) on ultra violence and i realized that what makes doom fun is that it's hard but not impossible and they never threw so much at you that you just decided to give up in frustration. that's where i was with this map - i gave up in frustration, which is no  fun. personally, i just want to play a map that is fun to play and getting your ass handed to you non-stop is not fun!


Playability -  rating: i wish i was a  doom god

     i seriously can't see myself trying this map again. when the majority of my time is spent simply getting  pissed off rather than actually enjoying the map. i get that people want a challenge. i get that mappers want to offer them a challenge, but you know what? most of us are not doom gods and most of us just want to have a fun map to play. i was really happy that i got as far in this map  as  i did but enough is enough! i played this thing on hurt me  plenty and i was face to face with revenants and mancubus' before i had fully materialized in the map. i figured out how to get  past all of this stuff but,  like i said - i'm not looking for the hardest challenge i can come up against. i'm looking for a good time and a chance to unwind - not get wound up.


Level Design -  rating: FINALLY!

     not that the level design was spectacular or anything - it wasn't. but it fit together really well and despite the lack of detail that was evident, it all worked and considering the circumstances - doom map hell - it worked great.  it's not a physically large map - at least the part i was able to play, but it was well conceived well designed.


overall -  rating: fml


     Ya, that's  my new rating for maps that only serve one  purpose - to piss you off. if you are a doom god - have at. awesome map, hands down. you won't  get bored - i guarantee it. if you are an average player - like moi, i suppose you could hone your skills on this map but you might just end  up slamming your fists on your  desktop and screaming at the top of your lungs for the insanity to stop.







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