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Tubbyland graphics conversion

for doom and doom2!

a doom wad station exclusive!






Reviewed by:



Title : Tubbyland

Release date :

March 22, 2014
Author : Dr. Von Loon


Graphics only  - no maps.



Doom version


Doom 2 version


The Hub





















Tubbyland by Dr. Von Loon for Doom and doom 2



DESCRIPTION:       THis is a graphics only conversion harkening back to the days when

                              authors were putting out graphics conversions based on things like

                              the teletubbies, barney, etc... If you're looking for high end graphics

                              then i've got bad news for you. but if you came just to check it out

                               and have a good time, then you'll enjoy this.



MY EXPERIENCE:   i'll be honest, after awhile of hearing teletubbies going "ya ya" you are more than happy to blast the little bastards in the face with a shotgun. well, honestly, i'm happy to do that anyway. :-)

you also get to beat up on barney and a host of other cartoony characters from days gone by. i chose to play this one in one of my maps (the hub - linked on the left here). this was map 3 and to say that hearing crazy funland music playing while black sabbath was also playing was a surreal experience would be an understatement. if you do choose to use this map - it's map 3 - idclev 03. or play it with any of your favorite maps. the screen shots are from zdoom and my map. there are some new weapons changes and apparently their behavior is changed as well, as the pistol and the shotgun can now be used in rapid fire. kind of fun but it does take some of the challenge quotient out of whatever you're playing. so anyway, enjoy playing around with this - try not to take it seriously, and, um, thank dr. von loon for putting it all together. :-)


ps - i'd explain what replaces what but you'll figure it out pretty quick. enjoy!











































































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