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Starship Konrad - level 1, for Doom2







Kontra kommando


SP doom2

requires: No Specific port

Reviewer: Zorah


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Starship Konrad - Level One is a single, survival horror map inspired by the original Alien movie. Designed for GZDoom, this map uses multiple features added by the port to create a dark, moody atmosphere, and conveying a sense of dread uncommon in most wads you've played.

Difficulty: 7

The first thing you'll notice while starting up Starship Konrad is the abrupt change in pace it offers compared to most other Doom maps scattered around the net. Rather than pitting you against hordes of demons and the undead, the map instead takes on a survival horror atmosphere. The starship is dark... Extremely dark. Half the time, you won't know what you're shooting at, or where the Xenomorphs (I'm told there was only one Xenomorph in the original film) are coming from. But you can hear them. With your sight taken from you, your ears are your first line of defense against these beasts.

And what beasts they are. The Xenomorphs are highly aggressive. They move fast, try to strafe around your shots, have a massive melee range (according to the author, 64 pixels), and are extremely powerful. Even with full health and green armor, you do NOT want to get too close to these bastards. Unless you're out of ammo. The good news is that the Xenomorphs can be stunlocked quite easily, and once you lure them into a long corridor, their defense of dodging your attacks is quickly negated.

While there aren't many Xenomorphs to encounter - 18 on UV, in fact - fighting two or three of them at a time in an open area is a nightmare. And yes, you'll have to do this.

Design: 7

Starship Konrad is laid out nicely. While the map is dark, the main corridors are lit enough to see where you're going. That is, until you start crawling through air ducts, where it's pitch black, and not even your pulse rifle can light it up. The crawl spaces are difficult to navigate, but once you pick up the full automap, it gets a little easier to move around. Just watch out for the Xenomorphs in there, as it's easy to get cornered.

There are a few new weapons to help you survive, though ammo is extremely scarce and difficult to find. Along with your standard shotgun, which already puts Xenomorphs in their place with a few well placed shells, you can also find the Pulse Rifle, which functions not unlike the Chaingun with an underslung grenade launcher, and the Flamethrower, reducing the beasts to nothing more than a burning pile of flesh. While the Pulse Rifle runs off pistol ammo (as you might expect), the Flamethrower has its own ammo pool, and I was unable to find any other ammo what was supplied with the gun. Which is a shame, because the lingering burning effects were a nice touch.

Starship Konrad is riddles with death traps you can plunge into without being any the wiser. You'll really have to watch your step, but once you figure out what to expect, you realize the map is screwing with you. And that adds to its charm.

Playability: 5

Keeping in key with its survival horror nature, picking up this map isn't exactly the easiest when you're used to circle strafing cyberdemons with a plasma rifle. While it's certainly playable, you'll take quite a beating before you realize this isn't a run and gun map. Unless you're used to this kind of thing, you won't finish the map, and instead get extremely frustrated.

But once you get used to it all, it becomes second nature.

Overall (Not An Average): 7

Kontra clearly knows what he's doing, and provides just enough atmosphere to make you dread every second of your stay on the Konrad. It's dark, it's moody, it's terrifying, and I loved it. Recommended for players that want something a little different to break up your Doom experience. Or if you just want a good bitch slap to keep your senses in line, that works too.
























































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