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Blood summons!

for Doom2!






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Title : Blood Summons
Author : 7Soul
Misc. Author Info : I like games.

I even make games some times


* Play Info *

Episode/map: map01-map02
Single Player: yes
Co-op 2-4 Players: no
Deathmatch 2-8 Players: no
Difficulty Settings: yes
Demos Replaced: none



Blood Summons





screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2

Opening scene from Blood summons




Difficulty:  please father, can i have another? and another? come on you old bastard, hit me!!!!

At the beginning of this  "adventure" I found myself wondering - um, hey, am I playing in here all by myself with some target practice just for fun? As the map continued on thinking, hey, this is finally getting kind of interesting and then it passed  to - ok, that wasn't TOO bad until I hit the final section and I was like - WTF? Where did THIS come from? Even then though, in all honesty - it COULD have been harder. Even with the Cyberdemon at the end I was still looking for a bit more and the author threw pretty much everything but the kitchen sink at you in this  one (including the Cyberdemon). I found myself face to face with Hell Knights, Barons of Hell, Revenants (several in fact), a Mancubus, a few Archviles for color and a fair splash of everything else. Plenty  of Caco's and Imps and soldiers and chaingunners to go around - even baby spiders just for fun. It was designed in such a way though that I was able to allow the other creatures to do alot of damage for me and not wanting to waste any ammo (why would you?) I let them do just that. There was a room where there were like 4 baby spiders, a few chaingunners, some soldiers - you get the idea.... By the time the baby spiders did THEIR damage and had damage done back at them, it was easy pickings for me. :-)

Not to say that this is an easy map (forgettingt he completely innocuous and irrelevant beginning), it wasn't. I got caught out a few times and the final battle with the  Cyberdemon wasn't bad but there were other creatures afoot - he did take many of them out for me though and Hell Knights aren't very dangerous when you can strafe and have plenty of ammo - which I did for the majority of the map.

Design:  Um, what happened there at the beginning?

I wasn't truly impressed at the beginning and in fact,  I thought I was going to be in for a truly disappointing map. It didn't seem very challenging (I didn't realize how large and intricate it would evolve to become) and I saw some horrific (yes - horrific) use of textures and there was mis-alignment in many places. NOT a good start to a map. I warmed up to it over time though. The design improved immensely (please don't quit at the beginning - It DOES get better - I promise) as the map progressed but I did still notice times when the alignment and use of textures just absolutely drove me nuts. You'll see that in some of the pics. Especially at the beginning I was having some "did he even look before he finished" moments but after that it was much better. There were some very nice design elements in the map and the use of textures DID improve but right  up  till the end almost, I noticed some stuff that just didn't fit or was misaligned  - for instance, I'm in a tunnel (or set of tunnels) using rock textures and the next thing I know there is this little alcove with a library setup (not even a separate room - just a little hole in the wall). It's a little  jarring, especially when you're looking for that sort of thing - but the worst was unquestionably in the beginning of the map where he was mixing tech style with outdoor rock style and not doing it well. Again, some really nice detail in the map though and if you can kind of turn a blind eye to some of the ugliness, it is really a fairly well designed map. One last note.This says it's a 2 map wad. It's a lie. The first map is a single room with an exit switch (no, it doesn't look like an exit switch). ????

Playability: One and done - slap a bun on it  - it's finished.

Playability means - would you do it again? Eh - probably not. I think I'm one and done on this one. It was a fun map - especially in the 2nd half, and I did find myself in some interesting battles but it wasn't interesting enough to make me come back twice, unless it was on nightmare. The beginning sort of played like HMP in the original Doom wads and finished up more like UV in Doom 2. Not bad - a fun play but probably not a twofer.

Overall:  worth a play - kind of like a band you're interested in checking out



 I'd play it once if I were you - ignore the bumpy beginning, settle in for a fun ride then get off and let someone else on the lift. (Into metaphors today I guess). Personally, I think this author has alot more in him and if he can learn how to align his textures and be less erratic with them and work on creature placement and maximum dispensation of pain without being unfair, we've got a winner. So hang on, it's going to be  a bumpy ride.


A couple of other notes. There was a transporter in the blood below (near the beginning) which didn't work. Ok... I'll get over it. There was also a BFG sitting inches from my grasping, um, fingers that had a line which wasn't properly set in front of it and I couldn't get the BFG. DAMMIT. Also, a cell type/see through texture (forget the exact name) that extended out between two switches that looked COMPLETELY  out of place when you dropped the lift underneath it. Just sayin'






What's up with that texture dude?

screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


Again? What is that texture doing there?

screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2


Again with the textures? ARGG

screenshot from Blood Summons for Doom 2



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