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5 maps for doom 2






Advanced engine needed : ZDoom
Primary purpose : Single play
Title : Bossed
Filename : bossed.wad
Release date : 5/5/2013
Author : C30N9
Email Address : c30n9doom@gmail.com
Other Files By Author : The Mort - Map 14 from Hadephobia - Map 9,23 and
25 from Interception - Map 04 from PRCP

Description : "Bossed" is a small wad that contains 5 maps for
Doom 2 using lots of ACS scripts, so it's
designed only for ZDoom. In each map there's a
boss encounter at the end. New monsters are
included from Realm667 Beastiary and most of
Skulltag's monsters.

The Story
You (Doomguy) have gone through many hellish
invasions without having cruel problems. You are
a legend. You're one of a kind. This is what
attracted hellish species from another

A group of 5 monsters who call themselves "The
Elite 5" wanted to challenge you, so they started
to invade the earth just as every time hell did
in the past. However, it is mentioned that they
are not like any monsters you've faced them

The maps are hard after the beginnings and
gameplay could take more than 1 hour.

Additional Credits to : Various - They are all mentioned in a credits map
at the end (CRED)
* What is included *

New levels : 5
Sounds : Yes
Music : Yes
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other : No
Other files required : None

* Play Information *

Game : Doom 2
Map # : MAP0X
Single Player : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented


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Image from the first BOSS battle!




    THis map wasn't nearly as difficult as hydra, but it was still difficult and I'll be the first to admit that my skills aren''t up to par but honestly, this map could have used a little bit more health. ammo wasn't an issue.there was plenty to get the job done - with room to spare I think - and keep in mind, I've only played through the first map, so it may get tighter in the next maps. i think what really brought the score down for me those was the boss battle at the end of map 1. it's not that it wasn't difficult enough - it was that i was trying to battle the boss and i had a bunch of imps in the walls around  me pegging me with fireballs while i was trying to do it. sure, it's doable, but necessary? isn't the boss imp enough?


Playability -  rating: 7

     the first time i played through this map, i got my ass kicked - mostly by the jumps i had to make across the nukage to get to the final go round and deal with the boss. the second time around i had a much easier time with them but they were still a pain in the ass and you had to deal with them while you were cannon fodder for automatic fireballs coming out of the walls. a small tip for mappers here - i enjoy a challenge as much as any bloke (as they say in england) but i really just want to have fun. the hops by themselves, without being fired upon would have been nice, or just make me try and avoid a hail of fire - but both? not fun. frustrating is more like it. despite that, the map was worth playing twice and trying to improve on what i did the first time, so it had staying power. many of your better players will probably rip through this map in no time and ask where the challenge was - but for the rest of us (and there are alot of us who aren't exactly john romero when we're playing doom - lighten up a bit and let us have some fun. I did enjoy the map and i even enjoyed it the 2nd time through. but it was pretty basic as far as figuring your way through it - that is to say - pretty linear, but I'll get to that in the next section. i do, however want to finish all five maps, so that  should  say something. :-)


Level Design -  rating: 6

     this was the weakest part of the score. there wasn't alot of imagination in the design of the map  and I especially got pissed off trying to jump over those pillars in the nukage while being fired upon. That is more of a gameplay thing though, i guess. mostly, just not alot of detail - very basic and minimal use of all the cool shit that you can really do with zdoom. the scripting was nice however and i did enjoy seeing the bridge appear after i killed all the lost souls to get it to rise. also, no secrets - which was kind of disappointing - none that i could find anyway. a couple of hidden walls with some bonuses in them - especially toward the end where I really could have used some extra health to battle the boss, would have been nice. maybe i'm being to harsh. i don't think so though. it really was a very basic design - no flaws to it, which is a plus, but it lacked detail which really could have brought it to life.


overall -  rating: 6.8 ish


     I think you'll enjoy playing it. better players might only enjoy it once. if you're looking for a map that is really stunning to behold, you won't find it here. but it is functional and seems to be put together well. i did find one flaw, which the author probably couldn't have planned for but there was a section after crossing the nukage where you enter a section that has two sets of shotgun ammo that begins to drop as soon as you cross into the sectory. well.... i jumped out to see if maybe i could just drop some ammo on the imps rather than ride down with them and flail around trying to keep from getting killed till i reached the bottom. unfortanutely, after i leaped out, i was not only not able to fire upon the imps but  i couldn't even get back into the sector. like i said, not probably expected by the author, but shit happens. Also, the author made good use of the realm667 bestiary and a few other modifications - zdoom related i believe. honestly, worth taking the time to play. you will enjoy it. I think i might have my gamer 28 year old son run through it and give me his opinion. he loves a challenge. :-)





















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