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Order of the Macabre

for doom 2!






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Title : Order of the Macabre
Filename : rtmdf.wad
Release date : March 10, 2014
Author : Obake

Email Address :
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Misc. Author Info : I'm an avid Doom fan. I love building levels, and am excited to get them put onto the internet for everyone to enjoy.
Description : The first to be level in an unpcoming megawad, the "UAC Enterprises Reboot". Taking selected levels from my first megawad release, I "revamp" the levels with new designs, better details, and a lot more atmosphere. Order or the Macabre is set in a derelict seminary. Was this a place of worship, or a prison?
Additional Credits to : The creators of Doom Builder, id software, Major Arlene, my family, friends, and God.


OO The Macabre


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Order of the Macabre is a single map built for Doom II, running the ZDoom or GZDoom source ports.


Holy crap, where do I begin... This map is one hell of an experience. It's moody, it's eerie, and it takes classic gameplay and turns it into something unsettling.

Difficulty: 7

As soon as you begin the map, there's an infight going on between an imp and a sergeant. Depending on who wins, you'll either be starting the map with your cruddy pistol or a shiny shotgun. You WANT that shotgun, or at least you think you do. What you really want is the plasma rifle at the end of the hall, because as soon as you open fire, imps and pain elementals are coming out of the walls.

Literally. They're coming out of the walls.

After surviving the initial encounter, though, fights are rather basic, but unpredictable. The way the lighting illuminates the dark corridors of the manse, you may very well be staring at a hell knight and not know it until you've been hit. There are several ambush points as well, so if it seems like this is going too easily... You're probably right.

Design: 9

After getting over the initial suspicion that this might have been a Terry-trap wad, I took a few moments to admire the atmosphere of Order of the Macabre. The map appears to be set in a demonic mansion of some sort, or some kind of cultist complex... Either way, there is only one way to describe the architecture. Playing this map, you feel like you're having a nightmare. You know the ones. The screenshots pretty much speak for themselves.

It feels totally unworldly, and I loved it. Every room was a new surprise.

Playability: 7

The initial encounter may put off some players, but once you manage to subdue the horde, Order of the Macabre becomes a bit more accessible. Don't let the sudden spike in difficulty fool you, because it's worth it.

Overall (Not An Average): 8

If you're looking for something a little less run and gun and a little more fearing for your life, give Order of the Macabre a run. If you're faint of heart, you might want to pass this one up. But you'd be missing out.

I highly recommend this one.
































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