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Uac training facility and class section d

for doom 2!





Screenshots from UAC Training Facility

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Title : Class Section D
Filename : pluto.wad
Release date : January 31, 2014
Author : Obake
Email Address :


Title : UAC Training Facility
Filename : hololib.wad
Release date : November 29, 2013


As you can probably guess, this is a review of two maps by the same author which appear to be part of the same project. In the zip file are the two maps as well as a decorate wad which you will need to load with the maps



Uac Training Fac.













UAC Training Facility and Class Section D, authored by Obake, are two maps for Doom II, running the ZDoom source port. Set at MAP06 and MAP08 respectively, these two moderately challenging maps lure you into a false sense of security before crushing you in their grips. Don't let your senses deceive you if you want to survive.

Difficulty: 7

While not the most challenging maps I've ever played, these two maps certainly gave me a run for my money. There are several new beasts to encounter in UAC Training Facility - the Nightmare, which appears to be the return of the Nightmare Spectre from Doom: Custom Playstation Edition, zombie scientists with fire axes, and something that appeared to be a zombie with a freeze weapon. Though it's difficult to tell for sure with that last one, watching an imp burst into icy chunks after an infight is pretty indicative. Your standard weapons feel quite underpowered when handling these beasts, but if you take your time with the Nightmares and zombie scientists, steady aim and plenty of distance will help you prevail.

And of course, there's the Holodemon, which is essentially a faster moving Cyberdemon with more HP. Tight quarters makes combat with a faster, more powerful Cyberdemon, not an easy feat, even when weilding the BFG. Make sure you explore for ammo before taking him on.

In addition to new beasties, the maps take advantage of ACS scripting to transform relatively harmless environments into death traps full of fireball spewing turret traps, and dynamic spawning of enemies where you've already been. Grab the BFG, and you'll see what I mean.

I'll have to admit, though, I felt UAC Training Facility was much more difficult than the latter Class Section D, which felt pretty standard in difficulty, to be quite honest. You get some zombies, some Hell Knights, a couple of Pain Elementals... Nothing you haven't already handled before. A bit of a letdown, actually, since UAC Training Facility spoiled me with new blood.

Design: 4

While the ACS effects are fun, it's difficult to mask the fact that the maps themselves are actually quite ugly. To be blunt, the actual layouts of UAC Training Facility and Class Section D could use some work. While I do applaud Obake for thinking outside the box, the levels don't really "feel" like they're anything believable. Hallways generally don't twist the way they do here, and it all kinda feels thrown together. It also doesn't help that there appears to be a missing ceiling texture in one of the dark rooms of Class Section D. Not exactly sure why.

In essence, the layouts feel like something a new map designer created, for the sake of having new levels. Although, there were some decent effects in there. Animated smoke walls, light running up staircases, and the classic flaming sky texture from Doom: Custom Playstation Edition were are a nice touch here and there. I do encourage Obake to continue mapping and improve his mapping skills, because he has some nice ideas here and there.

Playability: 8

These maps are certainly playable, there's no denying that. Just remember, if it looks too good to be true, like having a red key on a pedestal in the opening room, it probably is. These maps will play on your greed and swallow you alive if you're not careful. Keep your wits about you, and do some exploring to prepare for the traps that await, and you should be able to handle what the maps throw at you.

Overall (Not An Average): 6

UAC Training Facility and Class Section D are somewhat of a mixed bag. While the layouts are somewhat lackluster, I did enjoy the level of challenge the levels provided. They're not too hard, but they're not too easy, either. I did have some fun running through these maps, though I'll admit, the designs and lack of detail really turned me off. But if you're looking to have your wits tested, give them a try.













Screenshots from Class Section D








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