A Doomers Requiem

October 30, 2014




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    Basically, thumbs up from me. Though the message of this mod flew right over my head. Sorry, Endowed Creator, I just didn't get it. Still, plays good.


Review by Zorah



Design 9

   "A Doomer's Requiem" is, in essence, is a story about life and death. And... Uh... Actually, that's all I managed to come away with, since the text screens didn't display correctly on my 16:9 screen. That aside, the mod is laid out like a dream sequence of sorts. There aren't many fights, and the maps are quite short. There's some platforming here and there, but it isn't particularly difficult.

What really stands out about this mod is the way that the maps are put together. These aren't tech bases or caverns of Hell. You're in a temple of sorts, trying to piece aspects of your (or the player's, or whoever is depicted as being the subject of the mod) life. So, there is heavy emphasis on temples and religious imagery.

But it isn't just the structure of these areas that was most impressive. The author relies heavily on ACS to bring scripted sequences to life, in the manner of synchronizing lighting to the music that plays, and to convey information through cutscenes.




Difficulty: 8


     There are two fights in this mod - There's a segment where you have to fend off several bishops in darkness with a sword, and a final Dark Link-esque battle. Neither of which are easy to make it through, but the latter being particularly difficult. There are no hordes here, no cyberdemons, and no lava pits.

Really, that's about it as far as this goes. Five enemies. Last one kicked my ass a few times. But hey, it's a final boss. What do you expect?




Playability: 10


    Absolutely no bugs or glitches that I was able to notice. "A Doomer's Requiem" is very well put together, and you should have no problem running this from start to finish.




Overall: 9


     If you're looking for your usual run and gun gameplay, "A Doomer's Requiem" is not for you. But if you're looking for something different and cinematic (as a matter of fact, is almost completely cinematic), try this one out. It shouldn't take longer than a half an hour to finish.


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