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Countdown  to extinction

32 level megawad

for doom 2





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Title : Countdown to Extinction
Filename : ticktock.wad
Release date : 04/29/2014
Author : Obsidian
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : Search "Author: Obsidian" in the archives

Misc. Author Info : First played Doom at the age of 7 on a Windows
98 computer with no speakers.

Description : 32 maps for vanilla Doom, each one made in one
hour over a period of 3 weeks. Bear in mind that
all of these maps were designed for pistol start,
so be prepared for a rough ride on continuous

Story : The demons have tried a new tactic: instead of
fully occupying Earth, they've started to place
high-powered Entropy Devices in several different
places around the world. If so much as one goes
off, demonic corruption will spread over the
earth and obliterate all intelligent life. You
have been selected to combat this threat, but be
wary: time is running out...

Credits to : Id Software for Doom II
CodeImp of Doom Builder 2
SirJuddington for SLADE3
Exl for WhackEd4

Additional credits to : Jmickle66666666 and EffinghamHuffnagel for
providing feedback
James "Jimmy" Paddock for a decent quantity of
the MIDIs I used and providing feedback
Jimi for recording demos
The Casali brothers for some textures I used
(taken from Plutonia.wad)

Huge credits to: : Plums for providing feedback, recording demos
and helping heaps with bugfixing this sorry mess


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Countdown to Extinction is a 32-level megawad for Doom II by Obsidian. This one's a new one, that's for sure.

Difficulty: 9

Countdown to Extinction is HARD. Cheap enemy placement, maps are somewhat understocked with ammo and medical supplies, and weapons are quite scarce. Mr. "I Can Hit You From Anywhere And Revive All The Enemies You Just Killed" Archvile is plentiful as well, often attacking in groups.

But believe it or not, about half of the difficulty is the combat. The other half is due to the puzzle segments. I can generally get by on the enemy placement and supply shortage, but puzzles? You might as well put a brick wall in front of me and say game over, because puzzles are NOT my strong point. Starting in at about Map03, your focus goes from killing everything that moves to figuring out what to do to open that last door. Wall humping does you no good - Sometimes you need to shoot something relatively obscure; look for some minor, tiny detail that you otherwise would never have noticed; and yes, you even have to Archvile jump. Couple that last segment with not stocking the levels with enough health to do it, and, well, get ready to use cheats to get by.

(Not to mention the Archvile jump segment isn't obvious. Seriously, that stuff is SO 1996.)

Design: 6

While the maps are somewhat underdetailed, they are definitely planned out in a devious way. You don't just put puzzles together without any thought, after all. Points for having the calculating mind required to put this stuff together. Still not my thing, but I have to give credit where credit is due. There's also a new endgame boss, so be prepared for a fight at the end of all this.

Actually, I just remembered there are insta-kill switches in these maps. In addition to Archvile jumping... Yeah, not cool.

Playability: 5

While the maps start off simple enough, if you play like I do, you'll hit a brick wall toward the second act of the game. I almost gave up on this one.

Overall (Not An Average): 6

Countdown to Extinction is somewhat a mixed bag. If you don't mind the puzzle segments, this might be for you. Otherwise, don't go in expecting a whole lot - The maps are rather short, but the last two are somewhat entertaining. Though, I will admit having the last one end abruptly without fanfare of killing the boss, well, that's kind of a buzzkill.

Might be worth checking out.















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