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So, as soon as i ran across this particular total conversion i had to check it out! no ifs ands or buts. i am so glad that i did. talk about a blast from the past. now, i do have the original games (of course) but they can be a pain in the balls to load on a windows 7 machine and let's face it, how can you not want to play wolfenstein 3d in opengl? i mean, really, how can you not want to? i did notice a slight performance difference between the zdoom version and the gzdoom version but i'll be the first that I'm running a slightly older windows 7  machine. it does have an amd quad core processor with an nvidia card and 8 gigs of ram so i think it should be more than powerful enough. after all, i did buy it when doom3 came out just so i could play that game.


All of the wolfenstein and sod maps are here and they look phenomenal to say the least. job well done. i  provide the download merely as a courtesy. the website and the links to download zdoom and gzdoom are on the other side of the screen. go get this stuff and  play it.


oh - one caveat. the author set this all up with .bat files which is fine but he could have made it alot easier if he just told you to put all the files in the folder that zdoom is in (the same folder as your doom2.exe file) and then just set the bat files to run native in that directory. i had to go into them and remove the...\ in order to make the bat files work but work they did! and you will have all the options available in zdoom/gzdoom.


finally, this does seem to be an ongoing project so don't fail to check the website to see if there are any updates. this is version 2.0





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