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March 8, 2015




The Review


MAP BY: Javier Del Val

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    From the author:

              This map replaces level 01 from Doom 2 wad. The level features a partially infected security complex with an storage area and a data bank building in the middle of a fortified area. It relies heavily on enemy ambushes and intense shooting against huge wawes of demons.


Review by Blue Paladin



This is a fairly large map with lots of switches; patience is needed here to find them all.  There are death traps chuck full of Barons, Hell Knights, and Arachnids so tread carefully.  You start out with a pea shooter (the ol' pistola), and they come at you straightaway.  I did my usual 'crossfire tack', conserving ammo, and it worked for me pretty well.  I did buy the farm a couple of times in the process.  Most of the map is open air, so I had to keep moving to keep from being sniped at.


DESIGN: 6 out of 10



Not that I didn't like it, but it was just so...Ultimate Doom like.  However, the setup has snipe points, tight hidey holes for baddies to bitch slap you from behind, and the typical, obvious key

            Some of the stronger enemies (Barons, HKs) I was able to outrun and maneuver into areas that I can close off with a door, then I was able to use my scant ammo stores to take out Imps and soldiers.  A couple of zones are inescapable, so you have no choice but to run and gun.  That was fun.

            This map would work nicely for Deathmatches.  Easy.




ACTION: 7 out of 10


            Mobs galore, you won't be bored.  It's best, in some spots, to create crossfire and step out of the limelight until the dust settles. Award the victor with a well placed ammo shot.  You will have lots of supplies, even a Berserk power up , to get things done.  They're spaced out pretty well to complement the baddies.  You're gonna buy it at least once in the process.





CONCEPT: 5 out of 10 was 'Doomey'.  Typical textures, typical 'fortress' floor plan.  Just....typical








An average map with above average action.  Still worth a DL.  Try it!





















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